Preschool “Fall into Harvest” Teaching Games for Kids


Looking for a way to merge the fall season into your Sunday School lesson, Bible club, Christian classroom, or Awana meeting?  Here are three age-appropriate game ideas for preschoolers.  They are sure to not only engage and entertain the youngest crowd, but also teach them an applicable Biblical truth.  Get ready to get out of your seats, laugh, encourage, learn, and … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Manage Behavior Problems in Sunday School

Boy with finger held up in a gesture that says "Sshh"

It’s happened to all of us.  We’re in the middle of an awesome lesson.  Most of the kids are tracking with us, except that one. That one is not only tuning out every word, but that one is hiding under the pew, flying a church bulletin airplane your way, or attempting to fit his entire foot in the offering envelope.  Ahhh…. That one. Let’s be honest.  You love that one.  … [Read more...]

“Minute to Win It” Game Ideas for Kids


Do you need an icebreaker of sorts for your next children’s event?  Minute To Win It games are great ways to begin an event, engage a crowd of children, and ramp up excitement.  All of the games are played with easily accessible household items, so they are easy to prepare and of no cost to your ministry. If you play one of these games, you want the child to be successful.  … [Read more...]

Ready, Set, Splash! 10 Water Games for Kids

Water Games for Children

With scorching temperatures this summer, cooling off with some water games might just be the fun you need at your next children’s event.  Here is an arsenal of popular water games to use at your next Vacation Bible School, Day Camp, church picnic, family day, or in your own backyard. All that is required for most of these games are water balloons, giant sponges, containers, … [Read more...]

Preventing Heat Related Illnesses in Children

heat related illness in children

It is vital to be aware of heat related illnesses in children, especially if they are entrusted to our care for summer programming.  The entire staff should be briefed on prevention, identification, and treatment. Most likely, a child experiencing an illness of this nature has a hard time knowing what is going on.  They could be engaged in a lively game, they might feel … [Read more...]