How To Manage Behavior in Children’s Church: Preventative Strategies


Fifteen years ago, I nearly gave up on teaching because of a group of unruly students. I was a student teacher in a first grade classroom gone berserk.   My college supervisor was observing that day and this is what she saw:  complete and utter chaos. I remember that day like it was yesterday.  A classroom of 74 six and […]

Getting Focused & Fighting Stress When Your Ministry Feels Frantic

Ministry can become frantic, follow these proactive steps to regain your focus.

Have you ever made a last-minute trip to every possible store, looking desperately for sand dollars, gum drops, toothpicks, alum, swim noodles, that one book you needed for the lesson?   Have you ever stayed up way too late at night to study your lesson?  Have you ever had so many responsibilities on your To-Do list that […]

10 Steps to Prepare for Cross-Cultural Kids Ministry

All children are a gift from God.

Among other things, summer time is prime time for service projects and missions trips.  Often, those trips will include working with children through Vacation Bible Schools, summer camps, outreach programs, orphanages, etc.  Whether you’ve got trips planned for the inner city, a different place in the US, or an international mission trip planned, an essential […]

8 Easy Tips for Family Devotions

Family Devotions

Two weeks ago, our family sat around the breakfast table and opened our first “Resurrection Egg.”  I was so excited to break open these nifty little teaching tools, with elements of Christ’s journey to the cross, tucked inside.  I had visions of dreamy Bible lessons and sweet little children soaking in every word.  Well, it […]

Consider These Picture Book for Easter Lessons


Still in need of an Easter message or Sunday School lesson?  Consider using the following picture books for your preschool or lower elementary class.  Included with each book are ideas of how you can develop it into a lesson, with a corresponding art project, activity, and/or take home reminder. These books can also be used as a […]

Object Lesson: You are a Thank You Card

Thank You Note

The following object lesson can be used in a children’s church setting, an elementary chapel, an Awana message, or a Sunday School.  It is designed for students from kindergarten through sixth grade.  The premise of the message is that we should live our lives as “Thank You Cards” written to God. Click here to download […]

5 Family Devotions to Welcome Spring


Welcome Spring with this collection of family devotions ideas.  You’ll be searching for treasures, playing in the mud, creating artwork, spring cleaning, and planting new life.  Grab your rain boots and allow the Word of God to speak anew.  Enjoy! 1. New Life Treasure Hunt Grab a camera and entrust it to your child if […]

Bullying (Part III): 10 Ways Your Ministry Can Help


This post continues our series on childhood bullying. Part one promoted bullying awareness and part two offered ten ways individuals can get involved. This article shows ten ways your kids ministry can address the topic. Truth be told, the subject of bullying is something that we have never had to address before in our children’s […]