Ready, Set, Splash! 10 Water Games for Kids

Water Games for Children

With scorching temperatures this summer, cooling off with some water games might just be the fun you need at your next children’s event.  Here is an arsenal of popular water games to use at your next Vacation Bible School, Day Camp, church picnic, family day, or in your own backyard. All that is required for most […]

18 Parachute Game Ideas for Kids


Maybe it’s the bright colors, endless possibilities for fun, or the friends surrounding it; whatever it is, just the sight of a parachute makes kids yelp, jump, and nosedive.  It’s funny really.  Their sheer delight cannot help but make anyone smile. A parachute is a simple equipment piece that is a perfect add to any […]

Grace Based Parenting: A Summer Must Read

Grace Based Parenting Book

I really hope that I’m not alone when I say that parenting is the hardest thing that I have ever done.  I say that in honesty and humility.  I am ashamed to say that I have misrepresented a loving God to my children with impatience, fatigue, fear, control, or manipulation at times.  This is not […]