“Cain and Abel” Bible Cartoon & Coloring Page

Cartoon Caricature picture of Cain and Abel
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This free cartoon illustration of “Cain and Abel” could be used as a teaching illustration for your Bible Lesson from Genesis 4.  You can download the print friendly PDF version or PNG image of the full colored picture.

We’ve also created a free coloring page based on this same file, pictured below. You can the printable black/white coloring sheet in either PDF format or as a PNG image file.

Here is how the Elgin describes this image:

Always wanted to illustrate this for children, but not in the graphic way of showing a murder. The story is about resentment and jealousy which led to murder.

Abel has his eyes and face upturned to the sun representing the glory, grace and love of God.  We see Abel basking in that glory. The sky above him is blue and clear. His expression is innocent and adoring, looking towards the sun. His hands are folded in prayer representing worship. His body language conveys openness.

In contrast Cain has his back turned to Abel and also to the sun. His gaze is one of anger and resentment towards his brother.  His posture his closed.his arms are folded and his fist is clenched. The sky above him is dark. The light he has is fire representing his anger.

free Cain and Abel Coloring pages
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Notice the clothing. Although both are wearing the color blue, Cains top and bottom are a slight shade darker than his brothers contrasting their moods.

Abel has short pants and shirt representing his openness, Cain is swarming long sleeves and pants reinforcing that fact that he is closed.

Finally Cains cap is red and turned backwards indicating not only his anger but his direction, Abels cap is turned upward indicating his openness.

Lots of symbolism here!! Hope you enjoy these!!!

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