Tips for Leading a Child to Christ

Tips for Leading a Child to Christ

Leading a child to Christ is the single most wonderful thing about children’s ministry, and there are many wonderful things about teaching kids. There’s nothing quite like leading kids in prayer and introducing them to the Lord. I remember when I first began in children’s ministry about sixteen years ago how nervous I was to […]

New Christian’s Workbook for Children


This new Christian’s workbook provides a place to record the child’s salvation and baptism experiences. This will help children reflect on their decision to follow Jesus. The free booklet also serves as a new church member’s manual. The purposes and activities of the church are explained, including Bible study, prayer, worship, baptism, the Lord’s Supper, […]

Tips for Kids’ Altar Calls


God wants every child filled with His presence; many times this occurs during the altar service.  Many children’s pastors believe that these God-encounters should only occur during the altar service in the “big church,” not in children’s church. Yet, Jesus said, “Let the little children come unto me,” and “God is spirit and his worshipers […]

5 Ways to Reach More Children for Jesus

When the scope of your ministry needs enlarging you have to do more than pray kids into the pews. Put shoes on those prayers and get out into the community to reach more kids. Expand your Christian ministry by moving into these five areas of ministry. They don’t require expensive equipment or a committee of […]

Leading a Child to Christ


Jesus said, “Let the little children come unto me,” — and he meant it! God is not impressed by our ages and doesn’t require His followers to reach a certain height before they enter His kingdom. As children’s ministry leaders, we need to be comfortable and skillful at leading a child to Jesus. We aren’t […]

10 Reasons Why I Still Love One Night Kids’ Crusades


Some people think it’s old-fashioned, but I still believe in crusades! The main reason why I love them is, by their very nature, they focus on salvation through Jesus. Crusades are like illustrated sermons, only with more games, object lessons and props. A crusade is a suitable ministry format for both children and adults. Vacation […]