Helping the Substitute Kids Minister


As much as you hate to miss, you’ll need to ask a substitute teacher to step in. If you’ve got an inexperienced teacher, or one that’s not used to your particular group, the substitute can feel a little overwhelmed. For the best teaching experience for both kids and substitute, the teacher needs to be prepared. […]

9 Things a Kids Ministry Leader Needs to Hear

A woman trying to listen the sound around her

Kids ministry can be one of the most exciting ministries but it can challenge you, too. It’s easy to feel isolated, unappreciated and well, misunderstood even in a supportive environment. Sometimes, the kids ministry leader just needs to hear a kind word. If you’re wondering what to say, try one of these 9 things a […]

Are You a Lone Ranger or a Team Player?


Anyone who has ever worked in ministry has had feelings of “loner-ism” at some point or other. While it’s normal to have seasons of loneliness, they should never result in become the Lone Ranger or the Lone Minister. Here are some possible scenarios: volunteers forget to bring promised items or fail to show up. Kids […]