Should You Stay or Should You Go?


Some time ago, a friend of mine–we’ll call her Mary, was summoned to the pastor’s office for a meeting. From the pastor’s tone, Mary sensed that she’d made some sort of mistake but the pastor refused to give her any information over the phone. Prior to the impromptu meeting, Mary had never been called into […]

5 Ways to Encourage Yourself in Kids Ministry

5 Ways to Encourage  Yourself

Children’s ministry is the ultimate thrill ride. As a children’s minister, I live in a constant bubble of excitement. What’s not to love about an office filled with colorful props, helium tanks and tons of cardboard? However, I would be wrong not to confess that sometimes I get discouraged. (I know, the shame of it […]

Following Up After a Children’s Ministry Outreach


So much goes into evangelism, doesn’t it? Besides organizing volunteers, creating an itinerary and having a good attendance, you have to think about after the event too. You can’t just plan an outreach; you must lead your attendees to the next event like children’s church or summer camp. The key to growing your church could […]

4 Secrets to Relationship Building with Kids–and Parents!


Ecclesiastes says, “A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” How true is that when it comes to raising Christian children? Parents could do it on their own but what if they had dedicated ministers on their side? It’s a possibility and all you need to do is build those relationships. So what are […]

Tips for Dealing with an Angry Parent


Nobody said this job was easy but you probably never imagined that you’d ever be confronted by an angry parent but it happens. (That’s no slam to parents. Raising kids today is tough–unbelievably so.) But that doesn’t make the experience any less stressful/embarrassing/emotional. Maybe you’ve never had this happen to you but in the course […]

How to Stay Inspired in Children’s Ministry — When a Groove Becomes a Rut


Anyone who works with children understands that they do not easily tire—of anything. How many times have we re-played “Frozen” and yet it doesn’t seem to ever get old? How long does a toddler play “peek-a-boo” with the same enthusiasm and apparent surprise? Kids appreciate routine and like the stability of predictability. We all feel […]

4 Things a Children’s Pastor Needs

6 more things that the children's pastor CRAZY

I’m pretty sure most people expect to find a giant rubber ball, parachute or costumes on my list but alas, those items didn’t make the cut. (Although we do love toys/props/unique tools for ministry!) As a children’s minister I can’t help but get creative—I work with kids but there are some things I actually do […]

10 Teaching Tips for Establishing a New Children’s Ministry


Establishing a new children’s ministry? This is such an exciting time but it can also be overwhelming because there is so much to teach! Kids won’t learn all they need to strictly from osmosis—you’ve got to teach, reteach and teach again. But where to start? I asked myself this question recently and it got me […]