Leaving Your Children’s Ministry Job with Grace

How to leave your ministry job with grace

Is it time to leave your current ministry position or church job? What a tough time in the life of a pastor! It’s not easy to leave the people you love, even when you know that you are doing the right thing. Whether stepping down for a sabbatical or moving on to a new assignment, […]

5 Ways To Show Pastor Appreciation Every Day

5 Ways to Show Pastor Appreciation

One of the essential components of a healthy children’s ministry is a good relationship with the pastor and or pastors of your church. Whether you serve as a Sunday School teacher, a children’s ministry director, or a nursery worker, it is imperative that servants in any capacity work together to support the leaders whom God […]

How Socially Connected Should a Children’s Pastor Be?

How socially connected should a children's pastor be?

In 2014, the children’s pastor must skillfully walk the increasingly awkward line between what’s appropriate and what’s not. Eighteen years ago, (yeah, I’m a kids min veteran) I never thought twice about hugging a child or calling a kid. I can’t say that today, sadly. Now that everyone is on the web (even the kiddos) […]

6 Things a New Children’s Pastor Should Do

checklist for new children's pastor

Congratulations, new children’s pastor! The local church needs you and decided that you were the perfect match for their kids. Before you take the reins and hold your first service, make sure you do these six things. It is important to assess the current status of the ministry before you plan your next kids’ crusade […]

7 Surprise Requirements to Become a Children’s Pastor


Depending on Bible college or seminary to prepare you for a children’s pastor role? Well, you might be in for a shock! As an eighteen-year veteran in children’s ministry, I can tell you that there are some surprise requirements to serving in this field. Luckily, most of them you probably already have within you, all […]