10 Teaching Tips for Establishing a New Children’s Ministry


Establishing a new children’s ministry? This is such an exciting time but it can also be overwhelming because there is so much to teach! Kids won’t learn all they need to strictly from osmosis—you’ve got to teach, reteach and teach again. But where to start? I asked myself this question recently and it got me […]

5 Lies That Sabotage Children’s Pastors


Negative voices tend to beat us down. They make us doubt our abilities, our anointing and even our calling. Sometimes those negative voices come from the people you serve (or their parents and grandparents) other times, those negative voices come from people you know outside the church and other times, those negative Nellies come from […]

Beating the Winter Blues… maintaining motivation in your children’s ministry


The winter let-down…Christmas wrappings are hauled away, fruit cake is steadily hardening, temperatures are dropping, and schedules are returning to normal routine. Following the hype and hubbub of the holiday season, the winter months can sometimes seem dreary. Between cold weather and lack of significant events, it’s tempting to fall into apathy in any area of […]

Leaving Your Children’s Ministry Job with Grace

How to leave your ministry job with grace

Is it time to leave your current ministry position or church job? What a tough time in the life of a pastor! It’s not easy to leave the people you love, even when you know that you are doing the right thing. Whether stepping down for a sabbatical or moving on to a new assignment, […]

5 Ways To Show Pastor Appreciation Every Day

5 Ways to Show Pastor Appreciation

One of the essential components of a healthy children’s ministry is a good relationship with the pastor and or pastors of your church. Whether you serve as a Sunday School teacher, a children’s ministry director, or a nursery worker, it is imperative that servants in any capacity work together to support the leaders whom God […]