“Adam to Noah Timeline” for Sunday School


How many times have you been reading through the Bible and completely skipped over Genesis 5, where the descendants of Adam are listed? I’m sure if you’re anything like me, it’s quite a few. For some reason, I just didn’t think it was all that important. Then I was reading through it with my son […]

Sunday School Activities

Jar of dry beans

Once the pictures are drawn and the lesson is over, the children of your ministry will be looking for something to do. Keep busy hands out of mischief by having activities for Sunday School read-to-go whenever you need them. Activities for children don’t have to be expensive, but they should engage the young learner’s senses. […]

Paper Plates Bible Puzzle Game for Kids


This game idea also works for a Bible memory verse activity. Select a scripture memory verse and write each word on a single paper plate. For my example I am using Matthew 22:29 “You shall love your neighbors as yourself.” Discover the Verse Before introducing the verse, let the kids discover it on their own. […]

Bible Verse Puzzle Games with Craft Sticks


I am always looking for a variety of hands-on activities to help kids learn Bible memory verses. Here is a recent activity we tried in kids church using wooden crafts sticks to memorize Matthew 22:39. Preparation: Write one word on each craft stick for your Bible verse before class. I made three sets so that all […]

Bible Memory Verse Puzzle: Team Learning Activity

Memory Verse Puzzle Activity

Here is another creative way for groups of children to work together on learning their Bible memory verse. This hands-on activity includes elements of teamwork and problem solving. I’ve included pictures below to demonstrate the activity. I’d love to hear your feedback, simply click here to leave a comment. Supplies: Several copies of the memory […]

Sketching Bible Memory Verses

Bible memory verse activity

Here is a fun learning activity that will promote understanding of Bible memory verses. One of weak points of route Bible memory is a lack of comprehension. This sketch process will force them (and you) to transfer concepts into symbols, a key skill in learning. Supplies: Dry erase maker and board. Alternatively you can use […]

Attributes of God Flip-Book Activity


Here is a simple activity to help kids learn about the attributes and character of God. The tendency for many children’s ministry programs is to focus the majority of our lessons upon Bible stories with their corresponding characters and the how-to’s of righteous living.  Not only do we want our children to know about the […]

4 Tips for Turning Supervised Playtime into Ministry

Ministry Playtime

Children love to play. Although much of their time in my church setting is structured for active worship and learning in small and large group contexts, we do allow a component of supervised play as time permits. I do not view this as a necessary evil to accommodate services which run long or parents who […]