Christmas Object Lesson: The Christmas Star Ornament


Purchase an inexpensive Christmas star ornament and test it to make sure it works properly. It should light up and be seen easily by the class. With this decoration, you have a Christmas object lesson that will help tell the story of the Christmas story from Matthew 2:1-2. “After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in […]

Advent Action Interviews… The Unsung Heroes of the Nativity Teaching Skits


There are many characters in the story of the first Christmas, but some get a lot more attention than others. Sure, we focus easily on Mary and Joseph and we celebrate the angels and the manger baby…but God was orchestrating a grand scheme of coordinated actions and motivations. Introduce (or get to know better) some […]

“Christmas I-Spy” Printable Worksheets


It’s Christmas time and we are all looking for fun activities to do in our classrooms. This free Christmas I-Spy game is a great one to use during class or even during a Christmas party. You can use this activity in a variety of ways. First of all, you could print out a copy of […]

Devotional – There is No “m-e” in Christmas…Only “H-I-M”

Christmas Devotional- There is no ME in Christmas only HIM

So I’m sitting here, it’s after Thanksgiving, and our Christmas decorations are up. Lights are sparkling, ornaments are hanging, and bells are ringing. It’s the happiest time of the year, right? I always have good intentions. I want to make this year the best year ever. I sit at my desk and plan, plan, plan. […]

Christmas Object Lesson: The Wrapping Paper


With all the festive wrapping paper, bows, bags and boxes, it is easy to forget that Christmas is not about the gifts we receive from a store. The best gift is the gift from God—His precious son, Jesus Christ. For children, this important message can get lost amongst the electronics, board games and baby dolls. […]

Christmas Object Lesson: The Christmas Card


This time of year it is a tradition to send Christmas greetings with Christmas cards. Some cards feature family photos, play music or tell a funny story. Whichever Christmas card your family chooses to send the message is clear — the card is a way to express your holiday greetings. Grab a few of your […]

Christmas Object Lesson: The Stocking Stuffer


Looking for a way to teach children about the intangible gifts of God, like peace, love, gentleness and kindness? This Christmas object lesson—the stocking stuffer makes it easy. Remind kids how precious and important the fruits of the Spirit, that they should want these gifts more than anything they get in their stocking or under […]

Christmas Acrostic Poem Activity Sheet


Here is a great Christmas time activity to have your class take part in. This could be an individual or class project. Simply pass out the worksheet to the children in your class. Have them fill in a blessing for each letter in the word “Christmas”. For example: C=Christ, H=heaven, R=rain, etc. Click here to […]