Printable Storybook “Can You Tell Me the Story of Christmas?”


* This idea was submitted by Bethany Tapp, the director of children’s ministries at the United Christian Church of Dubai. In preparation for our church's Christmas carnival I was looking for a book to give families that was clear on the gospel as it told the Christmas story and couldn't find anything that fit my needs, so I decided to write one for our families. And, thought … [Read more...]

“Wise Men Follow His Star” Coloring Page


In Matthew 2:2 the wise men travel seeking the new king of Israel. What they discover is a young child who was God come in human flesh. While they did not arrive until some months (or up to 2 years) after Jesus was born, it was at the star above Bethlehem that appeared when he was born that led the way. This coloring page and illustration can help you teach this Bible … [Read more...]

Christmas Angel Coloring Page


When the angels announced the birth of Jesus Christ, they brought a message of peace and goodwill on the Earth. This coloring page is based on that scripture text in Luke 2:14. This coloring sheet and printable illustrations can be used in any ministry context, but they would be most helpful in a Sunday School lesson leading up to Christmas. Click on the preview image to … [Read more...]

“Jesus and Santa” Cartoon & Coloring Page


This playful coloring sheet and cartoon will help children remember that even Santa (the historical figure) was a follower of Jesus. The dialogue balloon shows Santa saying, "Hear ye HIM, not me." You can use the coloring sheets as an activity or simply print the full color illustration below to discuss the differences between Jesus and Saint Nicolas. Click on the … [Read more...]

Advent Candles Coloring Pages

Advent candles coloring page

This simple coloring sheet can be used to teach children the meaning behind the Advent candles used in many churches. There is room for the children to label each candle with the theme of the week (i.e. hope, peace, etc). This is a departure from my usual humorous cartoon style. I realize many churches in the body do not celebrate Advent, but it us a beautiful tradition … [Read more...]