How to Encourage Kids to Read the Bible at Home

Ideas to get kids reading the Bible at home

Inspiring kids to hone their bible-studying skills is a dream we all have, isn’t it? My kids are pretty good about showing up to church with a bible (I do offer incentives) but I notice that sometimes the books don’t make it home. That tells me that during the week, kids aren’t opening the bible […]

Outreach Idea: Host a Parenting Class


A strong church focuses on the family–in whatever form that family takes. Whether a family is a single parent or a large blended family, chances are parents will face challenges they didn’t plan on. An angry tween who can’t seem to move past a divorce, a toddler with severe separation anxiety, a frazzled parent who […]

Family Ministries Ideas: The Lord’s Prayer


The Lord’s prayer is simple but perhaps that’s what makes it so powerful. The words of Jesus have resonated with humanity for 2000 years–long after he first spoke them. What better prayer example can we ask for? If you have a heart to get your families praying this prayer at home, give them some inspiration. […]

Getting Families Connected on Facebook


Everyone has a Facebook page. I knew when my Dad, retired Navy Seal and lovable curmudgeon, created a personal Facebook account that social networking could work miracles (not literally, of course). In a practical sense, connecting to families through a social networking site just makes sense when you operate a children’s ministry. You can send […]

Pumpkin Prayer

This time of year brings about a holiday that is often met with controversy within the church.  Some people choose to embrace Halloween and some people choose to oppose it.  Some churches host fall festivals, some hold trunk-or-treats, and some don’t acknowledge the holiday at all.  Whether you choose to celebrate or not is up […]