“Names for God” Bingo Review Game


This game focuses on the attributes of God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. It could be used for Father’s Day or any time you want to emphasize the characteristics of God. The game includes 18 bingo cards and 18 calling cards. Print the bingo cards and the bingo calling cards on card stock […]

Easy Father’s Day Crafts for Kids

great fathers' day ideas

Putting together a complicated craft isn’t fun for anyone, kids or teachers. When you teach many children or have some that don’t enjoy crafts as much, select easy crafts for Father’s Day. These tokens of love and appreciation don’t need to be too complicated. Just somewhat sturdy, in case decides to put the gift in […]

Father’s Day Picture Frame Crafts for Kids

Father's Day Craft Ideas

Here come the kids! Are you ready for an exciting service about Father’s Day? Every holiday, I offer my kids a fun crafting opportunity that they can use to gift their families with. Since it’s Dad’s Day, it’s Dad’s turn. We’re currently undergoing some improvements in our facility, and I do like to save money […]

4 Cool Father’s Day Craft Ideas

Craft Ideas for Father's Day

Keep little hands busy with these four cool Father’s Day craft ideas. Send crafty gifts home that fathers and grandfathers will be happy to receive. (No ties and socks this year!) You need a few specialty supplies to make these crafts but most are fairly inexpensive. Painted hammers: A nearby 99 cent store had mini-hammers […]

Father’s Day Games to Play

Game ideas for Father's Day

Father’s Day is approaching. Are you ready to celebrate our Heavenly Father and earthly Dads? What better way to add to the fun than to offer Father’s Day games to play with your kids. I’ve rounded up four, low-cost games that will help you fill in the gaps of your lesson. “Father, May I?” This […]