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Sunday School Lesson: God delivers Israel through Deborah and Barak


The following lesson was taught to a small group of children ranging from age 5-10.  The students will discover from this lesson that when we live lives that please God others will see His glory. Bible Passage: Judges 4-5 Bible Story Title: God Delivers Israel through Deborah and Barak Target Age Group: Ages 5-11 (K-5th […]

Story Time with Jesus: Lesson Five

Story of the Unforgiving Servant: Matthew 18:21-35 BIble Lesson

Lesson Five: The Story of the Unforgiving Servant Main idea: As citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven, we forgive others their debt against us since Jesus forgave our debt against him. Teacher preparation: Read Scripture references, James 2:13, Luke 17:3-4, Ephesians 4:32, Matthew 6:14-15 Gather: Bible; dry erase markers or chart paper and markers; various […]

Bible Lesson: Decisions, Dreams and Diets from Daniel 1-2


The harrowing and miraculously concluding tale of Daniel’s survival in the Lion’s Den is generally well-known and told for kids. After all, it is exciting and makes for great stories and crafts. The fiery furnace rescue of Daniel’s friends Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego is an equally thrilling tale. But how did those children of God […]

Bible Lesson “Messages and Messiahs” from Zechariah 9:9-11

John the Baptist

The details of Christ’s birth are well-known, celebrated, acted out, and cherished, especially throughout the Advent season. But what about the events leading up to the Nativity? And what of one who came before Jesus, “unworthy to untie his sandals”? This lesson is a tale of two Zechariahs: first taking a peek back at the […]

All are Saints for “All Saints”… After Halloween Lesson from Matthew 5:1-12


Whether it is celebrated and recognized or not, Halloween is well-known by most Americans. Yet many (adults as well as kids) are not so familiar with the holiday behind the origin of Halloween: All Saints’ Day! (After all, “Hallow’s Eve” must be the Eve to some Holy Day…). So where did the holiday come from […]