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Lesson: What are Angels and Demons? (Tough Questions Kids Ask #2)


This free Bible lesson is the second in our series of “Tough Questions Kids Ask.” It deals with the supernatural reality of angels and demons. It highlights what the Bible teaches about these spiritual forces and their role in important Bible stories. Above all, this lesson should focus children on their need for Jesus Christ […]

Joseph is Sold into Slavery (Genesis 37:12-26) Sunday School Lesson


This is the second lesson in a series of 5 lessons about Joseph and the incredible way God used him to bless his people. Title: Joseph is Sold into Slavery (Part 2 of 5 – more coming soon) Scripture: Genesis 37:12-26, Exodus 20:17, Romans 2:9-11, Romans 5:10 Target Age Group: 3rd-5th grade Supplies: White board and […]

Lesson: Why Did God Make Hell? (Tough Questions Kids Ask #1)

Lesson - Why Did God Make Hell?

This Bible lesson is the first in our series of “Tough Questions Kids Ask.” It deals with an issue often ignored in children’s ministry. This lesson plan will help children understand what the Bible teaches about Hell and how that relates to the Good News of Jesus Christ. The point of this teaching is not […]

Joseph’s Dreams (Genesis 37:1-11) Sunday School Lesson

Joseph and His Brothers

This is the first lesson in a series of 5 about Joseph’s life and the incredible way that God used him to bless his people. Title: Joseph’s Dreams (Lesson 1 of 5 – more coming soon) Scripture: Genesis 37:1-11 Target Age Group: 3rd-5th grade Supplies: paper, pencils, star printouts (download), crayons, scissors Optional Story Illustrations: […]

Lesson: Knowing Jesus Through… The Sense of Touch (John 20:27)

Child Holding Mother's Hand

Lesson Title:  Knowing Jesus Through the Five Senses: The Sense of Touch Bible Reference: John 19:16-20:31 Target Age Group: Elementary Learning Context: Sunday School Target Time Frame: 45 minutes Focus Verse: “Stop doubting and believe.” John 20:27b Gospel Connection: This lesson uses everyday objects to tell the most important story in the Bible; Jesus’ death […]

Earth, Wind, and Whisper…Elijah Encounters God (1 Kings 19 Lesson)


How do we know what God is like? Can we know without seeing Him what His traits are? Why don’t we hear His voice loud and clear? In this story, Elijah has an opportunity to feel the full presence of God and be refreshed by His spirit. As Christians, it can be frustrating to feel […]

Showdown on Mt. Carmel…Elijah and the Priests of Baal (1 Kings 18 Lesson)


The amazing thing about miraculous stories of the Bible is that they tend to be so, well…miraculous! As we view events of Elijah’s life we see him do remarkable things against all odds. In this story, Elijah confronts hundreds of priests and a wicked king and queen, and under seemingly impossible circumstances manages to overcome. […]

Lesson: A Little Oil and a Lot of Faith…Elijah and the Widow (1 Kings 17:7-24)


A little goes a long way when it comes to things like horseradish, cayenne pepper, whiny toddlers…and faith! After all, a mustard seed-sized trust promises to relocate mountains in Biblical advice. God celebrates faith and those who demonstrate it. One of those giants of reliance was Elijah. In this lesson, we see through his encounter […]