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Lesson: Understanding Bible Layout (Bible Organization Series #1)


This lesson is the first in our series explaining how the Bible is organized. For more help, be sure to review our Bible worksheets on the divisions of the Bible. TARGET AGES: 10-14 OBJECTIVE: To understand the layout of the bible so we can be better equipped and informed on how to learn about God. […]

Lesson: God’s Plans are Good (Genesis 7) Story of Noah


This lesson looks at three men in the Bible who obeyed God even though the promise He made them seemed impossible.  Noah trusted God when he was asked to build an ark even through rain had never fallen from the sky before.  Abram trusted God when he was told that He would have a child […]

God looks at the Heart (1 Samuel 16) Sunday School Lesson


Just watch a child select a book at the library and it is pretty evident: we judge things by what we see. In spite of efforts to instill broad acceptance and understanding in kids, it’s hard to fight the natural human tendency to base our thoughts on appearance. In this lesson, we see a new […]

Joseph is Revealed to His Brothers (Genesis 43-45) Sunday School Lesson

Joseph and His Brothers

This is the last lesson in a series of 5 about Joseph’s life and the incredible way that God used him to bless his people. Title: Joseph is Revealed to His Brothers (Lesson 5 of 5) Scripture: Genesis 43-45 Target Age Group: 3rd-5th grade Supplies: Several hula-hoops or masking tape, a way to play music […]

“Beatitudes for Kids” Lesson Two


Lesson Two: Blessed are the Poor in Spirit Main idea: We receive the gift of the kingdom of heaven when we realize how much we need God. Teacher preparation: Read Scripture references, James 4:6-10, Philippians 2:3-4, 2 Chronicles 7:14, Revelation 3:17-18 Gather: Bible; dry erase markers or chart paper and markers; tennis balls decorated to […]

“Beatitudes for Kids” Lesson One


Lesson One: Introduction to the Beatitudes Main idea: The Beatitudes teach us what it means to be blessed and show us the attitudes that followers of Jesus should have. Teacher preparation: Read Scripture references, Psalm 5:12, Numbers 6:24-26, Deuteronomy 30:16, 1 Peter 3:9, Proverbs 16:20 Gather: Bible; dry erase markers or chart paper and markers; […]

Psalm 3 Sunday School Lesson for Kids

Psalms Sunday School Lessons for Kids

This is lesson 3 of 33 in a series of lessons called “Praise God Through the Psalms.” These lessons are designed to point children to the fullness of God’s character and lead them to see Him as the One who deserves all praise and worship. These lessons work well in Sunday School or mid-week Bible […]

Lesson: How Do I Worship God? (Tough Questions Kids Ask #6)

Kids worshiping God

The concept of worship is often assumed but rarely taught to children. This lesson plan will help kids understand how to worship God in their daily lives. Don’t miss the other lessons in this series, “Tough Questions Kids Ask.” TARGET AGES: 10-14 OBJECTIVE: To understand the definition of worship and learn how to worship in our […]