Story Time with Jesus: Lesson Four

Matthew 13:44 Bible Lesson: God's Kingdom is a Treasure

Lesson Four: The Stories of the Kingdom, continued Main idea: As citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven, we are willing to give up everything to follow Jesus, and we tell everyone about how much Jesus loves them. Teacher preparation: Read Scripture references, Deuteronomy 4:29, Matthew 10:37-39 Gather: Bible; dry erase markers or chart paper and […]

Bible Lesson: Proverbs-Wisdom is choosing God’s way

Bible Lesson:  Proverbs-Wisdom is choosing God’s way

The following lesson is from a series in Proverbs created for older students.  The students will discover that when making decisions, choosing God’s way leads us on the path of wisdom.  We need God for everything including His wisdom and power to make wise choices. Bible Passage:  Proverbs 16:25, Matthew 7:13-14, Bible Story Title:  Proverbs-Wisdom […]

Bible Lesson “Chosen to Proclaim” from Isaiah 6:1-10


Although we read and use many verses from the great book of Isaiah, many children (and even adults) are not quite aware of the concepts of this great prophet—or any prophet for that matter. This lesson provides some information on the purpose and work of Old Testament prophets, and in particular highlights Isaiah and his […]

Lesson: Jehoshaphat & The Miraculous Musical Rescue (2 Chronicles 20: 13-30)

boy in battle armor costume

Sure, most of us are familiar with the amazing story of Joshua and the fall of Jericho at the sound of trumpets, but how many kids know the equally remarkable tale of Jehoshaphat? Don’t let the long name scare you…this is a must-know lesson in trust, worship, and God’s unbelievable power. Lesson focus: God is […]

Bible Lesson: Proverbs-The Power of Words

Words Have Power- Bible lesson from Proverbs

This is a continuation of lessons from Proverbs.  This lesson focuses on the tongue and the power of our words to bring life and death.  Students will discover that we need God to use our tongues wisely. Bible Passage: (Selected Scriptures) Bible Story Title: Proverbs-The Power of Words Target Age Group: Ages 5-11 (K-5th Grade U.S.A.) Target […]