Lesson: Paul the Basket Case… a Transformed Apostle (Acts 9:20-31)


The life of Paul is full of amazing and exciting stories. From his initial conversion on the road to Damascus to imprisonment to his shipwreck and snake bite, the apostle had an amazing record of life events and important lessons to share. Just as his first encounter with Christ was remarkable, the next event on […]

God Saves Baby Moses (Exodus 1-2:10) Sunday School Lesson

God Saves Baby Moses (Exodus 1-2:10) Sunday School Lesson

Title: God Saves Baby Moses Scripture: Exodus 1-2:10 Target Age Group: 3rd-5th grade Supplies: Bibles, story sequence sheets, construction paper, glue, scissors Optional: Baby Moses Dot-To-Dot Printable Lesson Opening Ask: What are some examples of times you’ve needed protection? Ask: Who or what protected you? Say: Our main point for our lesson today is: “we can […]

Lesson: What Does the Bible Say About Homosexuality? (Tough Questions Kids Ask #7)


American culture has changed rapidly in the past few years on the acceptance of homosexuality. However, the testimony of the Christian Bible has not changed. God loves all people, yet he ultimately decides right & wrong. This lessons brings to light these teachings. For more help, read our discussion on same-sex marriage. You’re welcome to […]

“Beatitudes for Kids” Lesson Four


Lesson Four: The Meek will Inherit the Earth Main idea: Meekness is trusting that God will take care of you, no matter what. So you stand up for what is right, and you don’t seek revenge. You are humble, gentle, and kind. Teacher preparation: Read Scripture references, Psalm 37, Numbers 12, Isaiah 53:3-9 Gather: Bible; […]

Psalm 4 Sunday School Lesson for Kids

Psalms Sunday School Lessons for Kids

This is lesson 4 of 33 in a series of lessons called “Praise God Through the Psalms.” The series is just starting, subscribe and you won’t miss the new ones as they arrive.   These lessons are designed to point children to the fullness of God’s character and lead them to see Him as the […]

Lesson: A Job in Job…Humility in the face of an Awesome God


Trials of Job…patience of Job…resilience of Job…when we think of this long-suffering Old Testament hero, we normally think of Job in terms of what he had to endure and what we can appreciate from that. However, there is another message in the book of Job that may be of even greater long-term value, and that […]

Lesson: Understanding the Old Testament (Bible Organization Series #2)


This lesson is the second in our series explaining how the Bible is organized. For more help, be sure to review our Bible worksheets on the divisions of the Bible. TARGET AGES: 10-14 OBJECTIVE: To teach the students about the organization of the Old Testament and how each section of books point to Christ. MAIN IDEA: […]

“Beatitudes for Kids” Lesson Three


Lesson Three: Blessed Are Those Who Mourn Main idea: When we mourn over our sins, God gives us the comfort of salvation, the comfort of getting to spend all of forever with him. Teacher preparation: Read Scripture references, Psalm 51, Isaiah 61:1-3 Gather: Bible; dry erase markers or chart paper and markers; BEEATTITUDES poster; cheap […]