Is Mother’s Day a Christian Holiday?


This background on the Christian origin of mother’s day was compiled by Graham McDonald. He serves with Children of the World, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ Australia. Mother’s Day and the Christian Connection. Mother’s Day – Second Sunday in May Celebration of Mothers over the centuries has appeared in varying forms and traditions since and […]

Mother’s Day Idea: Giant Photo Frame

Girl holding picture frame

When recently asked to “come up with” an unusual outreach idea for Mother’s Day, I have to admit I was stumped. I love the usual tea party and flower distributions but that’s not anything unusual. I finally settled on this unique idea for Mother’s Day. In a corner of my children’s church, I’ve set up […]

Ideas for Mother’s Day in Children’s Church

I love mom

Mother’s Day in children’s church is full of excited children, many who came with Mom or Grandmother and may not attend regularly. I see this special day in May as a grand chance to make a good impression on kids and parents. If you do too, perhaps you could use some extra ideas. In the […]

Celebrating Moms in Kids Church–More Ideas!

Mom and Daughter photo

Happily, many churches will be full of families on Mother’s Day! Kick the excitement up a notch with one of these nifty mom-inspired ideas. With just a little pre planning and supplies, you could encourage a mother who may not always hear those two important words, “Thank you!” From whimsical photos to interactive thank you […]

3 Mother’s Day Games and Activities for Kids

Hula Hoop games for kids

Looking for a few good games for your Mother’s Day service? These three winners will keep kids busy—they are perfect for filling in empty spaces in your schedule. That could happen since many churches do have special recognition for mothers during service in the “big church.”  It might be a good idea to print this […]

Bulletin Board Idea for Mother’s Day & Father’s Day


Here’s a bulletin board idea that can work for Mother’s Day and/or Father’s Day. This is also an idea that can be for your class, for your Children’s Ministry, or for your entire church. Print out the form and pass it out to everyone you want involved. They will write down memories of their parents […]