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Fingerstache Bible Object Lesson (Hebrews 4:13)


Have you ever snapped a selfie wearing a fingerstache? A fingerstache is a moustache drawing on the pointer finger that a person can use to pretend he has a moustache. It’s a playful temporary “tattoo” that was made popular a few years when it began showing up on different social media sites. I love the […]

Blow the Trumpet Bible Object Lesson: Joel 2:1


Musical instruments like trumpets feature prominently in the Bible. This cool instrument makes the perfect item to use for an object lesson. If you can get your hands on a trumpet, even a toy one you can have a lot of fun with the verses listed below. Give each child a toy trumpet (could be […]

Musical Chairs: Bible Object Lesson (John 14:2)

Musical chairs Bible object lesson

Musical chairs isn’t just an exciting game, it’s an opportunity to present an object lesson to kids. Break out those chairs, get the music ready and that’s all you need. Here’s a review of how the game is played and some verses you can use. Chairs are placed in a circle, the seats facing outward. […]

See God’s Love: Strawberry Syrup Object Lesson


Unlike most folks, I’m not a big strawberry syrup fan but sometimes it’s delicious to have with milk. It makes a wonderful object lesson for teaching kids to see and appreciate God’s love. That’s perfect for Valentine’s Day or anytime you need to teach children about His precious love. This is so simple, it’s kind […]

Flashing Light Object Lesson about Prayer


We’ve all heard the acronyms, FROG and PUSH (that’s Fully Rely on God and Pray Until Something Happens.) These might motivate teens and adults to pray but kids need something more. Prayer isn’t a natural impulse but once kids get the power of prayer, they will want to participate. Let me say this, when parents […]