Bible Object Lesson Ideas with Popcorn!


Popcorn is a classic snack and children love hearing it and watching it pop-pop-pop! Did you know that popcorn makes the perfect tool for an object lesson? Take this opportunity to teach the kiddos an important Bible truth about what happens when God turns the heat up! Demonstrate how a hard, inedible seed becomes a […]

Smiley Face Bible Object Lesson: How Does God Feel?

smiley face object lesson about God's love

What can’t you say with an emoticon? I do love a smiley face, as anyone who texts me or sends me a message via Facebook well knows. (Sorry all my friends.) Recently, I was wracking my brain in search of an object lesson I could use to illustrate that God has feelings. Unlike their taller […]

Mismatched Missions: Bible Object Lesson about Spiritual Gifts

Object Lesson about Mismatched Missions Gifts

This simple illustration will demonstrate how we all work together for the common goal of serving God. We may approach tasks in different ways and each of us is unique, but we are all God’s people and our aim is to help others know Him while we worship as well. Wear a pair of mismatched […]

New Candy Bible Object Lessons

Bible Object Lessons about candy

Kids will love these candy object lessons from the Bible. Print this post for a quick children’s sermon our illustration in Sunday School class. I’m a huge candy fan! Not only is it sweet and fun to snack on but candy makes the perfect object lesson. I’ve found that whenever you use edible object lessons, kids […]

Clean Hands Bible Object Lesson about Sin

Clean Hands Object Lesson about Sin

When today’s kids think about cleanliness, they probably think about using antibacterial gel or washing their hands with antibacterial soap. As hard as it is to remember, the rules about cleanliness are a lot less complicated than they used to be. Teach the kids a valuable lesson about godly cleanliness. Here’s what I recently taught […]