Flashing Light Object Lesson about Prayer


We’ve all heard the acronyms, FROG and PUSH (that’s Fully Rely on God and Pray Until Something Happens.) These might motivate teens and adults to pray but kids need something more. Prayer isn’t a natural impulse but once kids get the power of prayer, they will want to participate. Let me say this, when parents […]

Blacklight Bible Object Lesson-Do You See Any Sin?

Black Light Bible Object Lesson about Sin

Until recently, black lights in my ministry were only used a few times year, mostly when the youth were doing their annual rendition of “Arise My Love” for Easter, complete with white gloves. The other day, I was looking for an item I could use to help kids understand the concept of “hidden sins.” The […]

Sparklers or Candles: New Year’s Object Lesson (Matthew 5:14)

New Year's Object Lessons for Children's Ministry

Looking for something interesting to teach the kids in your children’s ministry this New Year’s? I’ve got an idea that uses some real eye-catchers, a sparkler and a candle! (I’m not recommending that you hand sparklers out to kids, just using one for a teaching tool.) Show children the difference between a sparkler and a […]

One Piece at a Time… Object Lesson on God’s Plan for our Lives


Have you ever skipped ahead to the end of a book just to see how it ends? Do you often wonder what God could possibly have in mind when certain things happen? This lesson provides a quick challenge to illustrate our limited view and God’s big picture. Younger students may not be too occupied with […]

Three Popcorn Object Lessons from Mark 4:7-9


Could teaching kids about God be as easy as popping a bag of popcorn? Yes, indeed! If you have some popcorn, you can easily teach three significant object lessons to your Sunday School, children’s church or summer camp. Since it smells so tempting and delicious, have plenty of popcorn on hand to serve and share […]