Cookie Bible Object Lessons


Kids speak a unique language of fun and faith, don’t they? If you want to grab the attention of your young audience, teach using a tasty treat. Not only will they hang on every word (crumb!) they will look forward to snacking on them after the lesson. Try these cookie object lessons if you want […]

Pretzel Object Lessons

pretzel Bible Object Lessons

As you probably already know, I’m a big fan of simple object lessons. I love presenting an everyday object to kids and helping them to see the gospel or bring them to a greater understanding of a biblical principle. When looking for a new object lesson recently, I turned to my pantry and noticed the […]

Object Lessons with Food Coloring

Food Coloring Object Lessons

In case you haven’t noticed, I totally love object lessons! Visual demonstrations of bible principles delivers the “wow” factor that every teacher wants. If you’re looking for some super-colorful lessons to share with the kiddos, you can’t go wrong with object lessons with food coloring. Bright colors grab the eye and keep kids spellbound. However, […]

Crayon Object Lessons


Most children have used or handled crayons before–that makes this popular art supply the perfect item for an object lesson! Take advantage of your class coloring time with this childhood toy. Use a box of 8, 16 or even 8 crayons. Since crayons are such relatable item for kids, they’ll pick up on the teaching […]

Squishy Object Lessons


Kids love a big ol’ mess and I think it’s safe to say most children’s pastors do too! When it comes to anything slimy, gross or messy, kids want to see it. If you’re looking for a real attention grabber try these squishy object lessons. Get that drop cloth ready and put on some old […]

“Water” Bible Object Lessons

Water - Bible Object lesson ideas

Need a few object lessons for the upcoming month but don’t want to break the bank on supplies? You can do that with inexpensive (okay, cheap) items like a glass or pitcher of water. In the Bible, water is often a symbol for purity and represents the cleansing of sins. That’s a great place to […]

“Jell-O” Themed Bible Object Lesson

"Jello" Bible Object Lesson

It’s easy to make and great for an object lesson–it’s Jell-o! You’ll have to plan ahead for this visual aid as it takes a few hours to set but you can cheat and purchase some pre-made single servings to hand out after the demonstration. Since Jell-o has such an unusual composition, it’s perfect for a […]