Review Activity for Kids with Special Needs


Want a fun way to reinforce a Bible lesson that requires little preparation and all kids love?  Keep Yes/No sticks on hand for every Bible lesson.  Either during the story or at the end of small group time, pass out sticks so that each child has a yes for one hand and a no for the other.  Pose […]

Jesus Loves Children with Special Needs!

Meaghan Wall

Watch this video clip and listen for God’s Spirit as Meaghan Wall explains what it takes to minister to children with special needs. Please share with your friends. Click here to leave a comment below. You can watch more of her interview along with Amy Fenton Lee, recorded at the Orange conference 2012.

Special Needs Ministry Checklist

checklist for special needs ministry

Knowing where to begin is half the battle when starting any new ministry or program.  Use this list as a guideline when walking your church through a special needs inclusion initiative. This checklist was a handout provided in a workshop led by Amy Fenton Lee at the recent Children’s Ministry Expo in Lexington, KY.  Amy […]

13 Minute Seminar on Special Needs Children’s Ministry

The following video clip was broadcast live on the Internet from the 2011 Orange conference. It featured Amy Fenton Lee talking about the value, challenges, and opportunity of doing ministry with kids who have special needs. I knew it was going to be powerful, so I grabed a screen capture video on my old church […]