“Shapin’ Up Fitness Camp” VBS Program

Last week, my friends at Kidz Blitz sent me the DVD pack for their Fitness Camp. This is a 5 Day, Bible-based nutrition and fitness curriculum for children. It’s designed to work as a VBS program, but could be used almost anytime.

Here is the video where I unbox the material in my office. They had a little fun with it and packed my review copy with popcorn.

This is really a great ministry concept that parents and kids will love. I could imagine using this over Spring Break, or on Sunday nights throughout the winter. Here are a few of the activities included:

  • Aerobics
  • Kickboxing
  • Circuit Training
  • Hop ‘n Bop
  • Flexibility
  • Drum ‘n Boogie (bonus)

Watch the video below where Michelle Romain explains the idea behind this curriculum.

For more information, visit the product homepage on Kidz Blitz. There is also a sample of the video on YouTube.


  1. Bonnie says

    Great program Kids will love this. We did a little program kids olympics and they all love that. This would just compliment that kind of a program. Kids for God fitness program.

  2. Joan says

    I would like to be able to use this as an outreach to children in our neighborhood as well as the children in our church either during the summer or possibly spring break.

  3. Tim Davis says

    My wife and I just reviewed this and were very pleased! We have been looking for a program like this to run through our fall program. We are a smaller church of Christ with a VBS attendance of around 130 kids and 60-70adults, but in the fall it can be hard to get families enthusiasm to continue when schools start and nights are shorter. This preview looks like a program we could involve the whole family in on Wednesday night class. We love the idea of learning how to respect the bodies God gave us along with the fun of exercise to give a pick-me up to an evening program. We will look forward to seeing more of this program! Thanks for the honest reviews, saves us a ;ot of time.

  4. Shanetta W. says

    That is such an awesome curriculum! It would be a great blessing for whoever wins it for it addresses an area that I see in a lot of families (saved or not saved yet) including my own.

  5. says

    Wow! I can’t believe I have stumbled on such a great website and this new idea for a fitness camp! I am the founder of Swahili Kids Ministries in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and this is just what I have been looking for to give our kids the basics in foods and fitness. Although, the lifestyles of our children are much different than those in the USA as they certainly aren’t overweight neither do they eat junk food. They do still have much to learn in the way of nutrients and proper eating. Even poor children need to try their best to make good choices. I know they will love the workout part of the program most of all. The only downside is that it isn’t in Swahili, nonetheless, this is a project I would be happy to translate!

  6. Vicki Carini says

    What a great idea. We have many diabetic and overweight children. We have many Indian Children who think that a candy bar and pop is a meal. This program would teach the Children God’s plan for exercise and proper nutrition.

  7. says

    I think this looks great! After going over the material I would decide if it needed anything added for fun like a craft or worship time. This would totally be the kind of thing you can use for a family camp as well as kids camp!

  8. Sherri Pekrul says

    I am the children’s director at a “God-sized” church in a very small town in Texas. We weren’t real excited at the theme of the VBS vendor that we’ve used for the past few years. This looks like it could be lots of fun and because it is a different spin on VBS could be just the answer we’ve been looking for. I cannot wait to get some more information on it. Great job!

  9. says

    Our ministry works with children whose parents are incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, living with mental illness, struggling with addictions, living in poverty and many are homeless. Our camp for these children last year included PE, but this program would have been wonderful to have. This year for camp would be a great time to have this program for our children and each age group from ages 4 – 16 would benefit!

  10. Kathy Bowman says

    This looks like a great program. Just what kids need to hear. Parents try to teach them but the commercial world gets in the way. I think our kids will like it. We would use it on a Wednesday night this summer.

  11. Rhonda Walker says

    Wow! Kids of today need to hear and learn this info. What a great way to be with your friends and learn life-long lessons and activities that will enrich the lives of children today. If they learn early as a child this may prevent problems that many suffer through today with being overweight. I am the children’s director of a small church and I think this would be a great learning tool for our children. Thanks for developing such a program.

  12. Yolanda Thomas says

    I think this is an awesome and fresh idea. It helps kids to understand the importance of the choices they make in every aspect of their lives. God’s Word will back it up!!!! I love it!!! It will get the kids up and moving. It also allows time for field trips which will give them a visual of the choices they have.

  13. Linda Ross says

    Certainly at our church I could see this used in our Activities Building as a spring break day camp or a VBS type daycamp in the summer for our inner city kids. Has a lot of possibilities. Since I cook for the church I could provide the meals each day to help facilitate that portion of the program for the kids.

  14. Nina Phillips says

    I watched the video by Michele, and the Fitness Camp. I think this is a wonderful program. This would not only be great for the kids, but also for the adults that attend and help out with VBS. This is a topic that every person needs to hear, but we seem to bypass.
    I am a chritian women who lost about 90 lbs 8 years ago and am still maintaining. My weight loss would not have been possible if the Lord and his Word did not work in my life through it all. The Holy Spirit revealed the truths through the Word about my body and health. The word says that when I am weak he is strong, and that is a truth that helped get me through. I give God the glory for it all.
    I thank him that he has given this curriculum and program to Michele. I’m so thankful that is was able to be brought to life, for the sharing of the Bible truths about our bodies and our health. Praise God! I can’t wait to try it!

  15. judi hodges says

    As a DCE / resource person, I am always looking for new ideas to pass on to the churches with whom I work. This seems to be a good new addition. I can imagine working this into a summer camp program or a weekly club. I am interested in the curriculum. I have a feeling it would also be challenging to my 56 year old body as well! Thanks, J

  16. Liz McQueen says

    I would like to see the entire curriculum for its Biblical content. While I agree that the concept is interesting for a kids’ program, I am concerned today so many of our curriculums are straying away from God’s Word and a holy lifestyle. I agree that fitness is part of a holy lifestyle, but it must be in conjunction with spiritual fitness.
    Liz McQueen
    Fairview Baptist Chuch
    Pickens, SC

  17. says

    I can see this as a great activity for once per week in the afternoon for hot Georgia summers. I think it would be better to have a leader or a group of teens to work out with the kids. They could watch the video first and learn the moves, then be the real live people in the front leading the children. It would be great to have a parent component too, like “try this at home” for families.

  18. Tarah Warren says

    I love the concept and idea.. My husband and I volunteer to run the children’s ministry at our church. My husband is a fitness specialist and personal trainer at a corporate Fitness center, and so we have a passion for how health relates to spiritual wellness. This program looks like a great tool to teach children early how we must live not only a spiritually healthy life, but also a physically healthy one!!!

  19. says

    A few months ago I would have thought this was a crazy idea, but since then I’ve learned to appreciate health and fitness in a way I’ve never had before. I think this is an interesting idea and something we might use someday.

  20. Patricia Neal says

    This sounds great for our Sunday Evening meetings with the youth. I am always looking for kits etc., to keep them involved. I would love to win the kit.

  21. Mary Tyler-Wall says

    This is certainly an interesting choice for VBS. Our kids love to move. I’m going to see if there is a website where I can preview more of the videos. I’m concerned if the exercises are only led by one person when our kids are accustomed to groups of kid dancers on videos. I love the concept. Thank you.

  22. Momwithamission says

    I think this curriculum has some good points; however, not sure how evangelistic it is in presenting the gospel. I wish the website went into more detail in regards to the daily scripture verses that would be applied to each lesson.
    It looks as if this curriculum would be better suited as a children’s church activity rather than a summer VBS presenting the gospel to children within the community.

  23. Laura Wiebe says

    If I win the draw and am willing to pay for the shipping, can you send it?
    Canadian reader of your website.

  24. Christy Beynon says

    What an exciting idea to present in the church! We are heading this direction in our public schools – reminding kids to be healthy and fit, but what a great way to teach them that it’s really God’s idea all along!

  25. Mary Esther says

    While this is definitely a very important topic for children, I would not use this as a VBS theme. I think there are many other themes which would deliver the message of salvation through Jesus to children who may be unchurched on a regular basis and I think that getting this message across would be of much greater importance in VBS. However, having said that, I do feel it would be a very good summer camp theme or possibly a Kids’ Club theme and would consider using it in that venue.

  26. Elva Nickeson says

    I think this would be great as a vbs. all the kids are active and want to do things and thiswould keep them allert. this would stimulate mind and body to learn and grasp the lessons of the Bible. and to learn wise choices in dailey living. Our bodies are Gods temple and we should learn how to take care of it.
    thanks Elva Nickeson

  27. says

    I really like this idea. We have our VBS very early in the summer so this might be a good mid to late summer camp…especially when it’s so hot outside.

  28. Ginny Nance says

    I think that every person could benefit from this program!!!! Counselors will love it, as will parents and kids!!!!!

  29. Patricia says

    The physical fitness activities suggested would most likely be new to children, which could be either appealing or off-putting. It would be interesting to try this program, though, as I think it has the potential of attracting a good number of teenage volunteers.

  30. Tiffanie says

    i love this idea!! Finally there is something for our more active children who learn best with gross body movement. i think so many curriculums are designed for those students who can sit in a group and listen and learn, but in my experience there is an increasing awareness that this method does not work for everyone. Yet resources to reach out to our active learners are very few and far between – i think this is a great start!
    Has anyone reviewed the training material for this, especially in regards to training volunteers? As this is such a new concept, training will be essential.

  31. Jae Yu says

    It looks like a good program for our students to stay in shape. However, the video does not visually provide as to what it is that the program offers. That’s why I want to see the curriculum myself; but so far so good!! :)

  32. says

    Looked this over, read reviews, watched videos on-line, ordered for our summer ” Wonderful Wednesday’s Program”. I think the children, parents and volunteer teens will have a blast with this exciting fun, educational value and bible guided fitness camp.

  33. Cheryl says

    I too think it’s a great concept that parents would love, but wonder how many kids would be lining up to attend?? Plus the field-trip aspect could never work for our large church. I do think it would be an awesome alternative to children’s church, or other Sat. program during the summer months and have the kids take time to enjoy it outside!

  34. kim says

    I am really excited about this. It would be a great winter activity. In my opinion kids just don’t get enough exercises. It will be just that little extra boost to get them up and moving!

  35. Carolyn Silkwood says

    I think that this is a great idea for children. So often, especially over the summer, our children become less active. What a great way to incorporate God’s Word with fitness. I think they would have a blast while learning!!

  36. Sandra Irizarry says

    I think this would be great for any age group, including the adults!
    We need to start taking care our bodies for the glory of God and health of our nation. God bless!

  37. Doug says

    I really like this concept for a week of VBS or Christian Service Camp. It can easily be expanded for a week of camp. The idea of follow up with field trips and other helps would excite the students about camp. I can see doctors, dietitians, fitness instructors being used to help the children do it all for the glory of God.

  38. Timi Narehood says

    I like the uniqueness of this curriculum. I am not sure it would work for our VBS because our kids LOVE music during this time, but I could see us using it for a winter kids club on a Wednesday evening or Sunday afternoon. I think it is a great idea!!!!
    Healthy living and nutrition combined with God’s love for us is a win-win!!!

  39. Sara says

    This is such a wonderful idea! Getting kids to realize that their bodies need to be taken care of, with all the bad choices out there, is so important.

  40. W. Kumaus says

    This is such an important topic! We as a family have talked about the need to be healthy (physically and spiritually) so that we can be used fully by God. This program sounds like it teaches just that and would be great to use as a VBS program or as a homeschool group lesson! Thank you for sharing!

  41. Karen amspacher says

    Nice curriculum and concept…not sure about the field trips, especially with liability and also large groups. Perhaps you could get fitness and dieticians to come in and give presentations. Great idea! I see the Fruits of the Spirit’s intervention in this program as well.

  42. Krista says

    Great idea! As a mom I talk with my kids about healthy choices, but they don’t always believe Mom. I love the idea of teaching them with scripture how God wants us to care for our bodies.

  43. says

    This looks great to me! My only concern is how kids that are not exercise lovers would respond to this sort of a holiday programme. Would it also suit the more introvert child.

  44. shout4joy says

    love the concept of this children’s program :) health and nutrition taught from a biblical perspective is so lacking for all ages! Since our bodies are a Temple of the Holy Spirit I think this is a great way to help children learn to take care of it :)

  45. Kerry says

    Children need to know to take care of their bodies. What you feed on spiritually is most important but having a healthy body helps us to serve the Lord better. God cares about our bodies and souls.

  46. says

    I love the flexibility in this “VBS”. Our smaller sized church would love the time and cost flexibility!! Teaching kids about the Biblical perspective is so important!

  47. says

    With so many parents on a “diet”, going to the gym to “workout” and with the focus so much on nutrition and exercise in our school I think this curriculum is VERY timely and looks like a lot of fun! I would love to see it in my church for a winter or spring series. Just something different for the kids to do over a 5 week period. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

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