“Shapin’ Up Fitness Camp” VBS Program

Last week, my friends at Kidz Blitz sent me the DVD pack for their Fitness Camp. This is a 5 Day, Bible-based nutrition and fitness curriculum for children. It’s designed to work as a VBS program, but could be used almost anytime.

Here is the video where I unbox the material in my office. They had a little fun with it and packed my review copy with popcorn.

This is really a great ministry concept that parents and kids will love. I could imagine using this over Spring Break, or on Sunday nights throughout the winter. Here are a few of the activities included:

  • Aerobics
  • Kickboxing
  • Circuit Training
  • Hop ‘n Bop
  • Flexibility
  • Drum ‘n Boogie (bonus)

Watch the video below where Michelle Romain explains the idea behind this curriculum.

For more information, visit the product homepage on Kidz Blitz. There is also a sample of the video on YouTube.


  1. Bonnie says

    Great program Kids will love this. We did a little program kids olympics and they all love that. This would just compliment that kind of a program. Kids for God fitness program.

  2. Joan says

    I would like to be able to use this as an outreach to children in our neighborhood as well as the children in our church either during the summer or possibly spring break.

  3. Tim Davis says

    My wife and I just reviewed this and were very pleased! We have been looking for a program like this to run through our fall program. We are a smaller church of Christ with a VBS attendance of around 130 kids and 60-70adults, but in the fall it can be hard to get families enthusiasm to continue when schools start and nights are shorter. This preview looks like a program we could involve the whole family in on Wednesday night class. We love the idea of learning how to respect the bodies God gave us along with the fun of exercise to give a pick-me up to an evening program. We will look forward to seeing more of this program! Thanks for the honest reviews, saves us a ;ot of time.

  4. Shanetta W. says

    That is such an awesome curriculum! It would be a great blessing for whoever wins it for it addresses an area that I see in a lot of families (saved or not saved yet) including my own.

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