Free Spanish Language Sunday School Lessons – Libre de Escuela Dominical Lecciones En Español

Wycliffe Bible Translators is now offering some of their free Kids Sunday school lessons in a Spanish Language edition. These might be a great resource for churches in the US who are doing children’s ministry outreach in Spanish. Other churches might use these for a mission trip to a Spanish speaking country. I have always been impressed with Wycliffe’s ministry and the great lesson plans they have on their website for kids.

Here are the links to the English pages, look for the “en español” to download the PDF of the free Spanish Sunday School curriculum. Español Biblia Lecciones Para niños

More Spanish Language Resources

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  1. Viviana says

    Thank you for this. One tip on this- it’s ” Lecciones gratis en espanol para escuela biblica dominical” ;) “Free” is not “Libre” in this context, it’s “gratis”!

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