Yuck! Gator Snot Games from Kidz Blitz

It was gross, but you know kids. Here is the video where we try out the “gator snot” product from Kidz Blitz. Leave a comment if you’re brave.

It comes as dried pellets. You add water and wait for the magic to happen. The green color is actually from the bucket because the slime it makes is clear. Use the game ideas on the CD Rom for more fun.


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    Kidz Blitz bears no responsibility for Children’s Pastors/Directors who put dangerous stuff in their Gator Snot. Dangerous stuff includes, but not limited to: scissors (blunt or sharp), glass, nails, knives, hand grenades, box cutters, broken CDs, sharks teeth, rusty forks and old VBS craft materials. (Kidz Blitz Legal Department)

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    You have to add a little danger to keep the boys interested ~ broken glass might be a good incentive. Maybe Roger can add that to the instruction book.

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    Only you have kids dig through gator snot for scissors of all things. :) Were there shards of broken glass buried in their as well?

    Just wondering!

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    LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Gator Snot is made at the Kidz Blitz Gator Farm in Kentucky where gators are left outside through the winter until they catch cold. Highly trained KB specialists then tickle the gator’s long noses with a feather until they sneeze the snot into a jar. It is then dried, bottled and shipped to kidmin everywhere. Fresh Gator Snot is used in Kidz Blitz Live and FX Live events.

    Some people think it’s fake but it’s (s)not. Get it? It’s not or it’s snot. Oh, never mind. Sorry.

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