Giveaway: Use Our Content on Your Website

Sometime last month, I decided that you should be free to copy our articles for your own blogs or church website. Now I want to take that a step further by encouraging (even baiting) you to do it.

I know it still feels like bad behavior. Didn’t you learn not to copy in school?

This is way different. We want you to give credit and syndicate our articles. Let me say it again, “Please copy our stuff.” It’s about spreading helpful content around the Internet.

Besides, if you don’t it might hurt my feelings.

It really is one of those win-win situations that I should have thought up sooner. Your readers get something helpful and more people find out about our website. Plus, my whole point of having a website is to help people in kids ministry.

If it makes you feel better, start with our super old articles (the one’s even I forgot were there) and post something that was buried in the way back machine. hint | hint | hint | hint

So now I’m going to make it even more fun. I am running a contest to encourage your to copy our content. The winner will get to pick out $200 in books from (they have some cool kids story Bibles).

On Monday 13 September 2010, I’ll draw the winner using and contact them via email. Feel free to ask any questions about this contest in the comment section below. For this one, WTSbooks can only ship to US addresses. You can enter up to 3 times per unique website.

If you’re new here, let me give you some more hints on where to find our best content. Obviously the search box works fine, but you can also browse the encouraging posts topic. If you’re into family ministry check there too. We have nearly 900 articles and resources in the table of contents.  There’s even a prayer for suffering children and tips on making your Sunday School safe. Don’t miss our most viral posts “Too Much Church” and “Why Children’s Ministry Matters


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