Jim Orrick and the Baptist Catechism Set to Music

Here are some videos I created to display the words of the baptist catechism set to music. The audio is from Dr. Jim Orrick, a professor at Boyce College in Louisville, KY. The CD of this music is for sale is available. The lyrics are directly from the Baptist Catechism, which was an early tool for Christian education in Baptist Churches.

The language in these videos is a barrier for most children today. I have known some home school families use these older catechisms, but in most cases I would recommend an updated catechism written for children. I used these videos for a few months as a short activity in our kids church. I called them “Little Songs” and we made a game out of who could memorize the words. All the children were able to repeat the answers after a few times through, but comprehension was a challenge. It was a fruitful experience, but I was careful to make it fun and only work on one or two questions each week.

This might not be for everyone, but the first several questions are similar to most doctrinal statements from Protestant Churches. I’m just sharing them here for those who are interested. The Baptist Catechism set to music is a handy way to learn solid Bible doctrine, even if it’s not the most kid friendly mode of Christian Education.


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