Video: Looking Forward to the LifeWay Conference

I just mailed off my contract to come and speak at the 2010 LifeWay Kids Ministry Conference. The dates are October 11-13, 2010 in Birmingham, Alabama. One of the ladies at LifeWay asked me to make a short video clip talking about the conference. You can watch that below. Check out their official website for more information.

I have two different workshops scheduled, both on topics our readers will recognize. Both are issues that I think I can cover well.

  1. Kidmin Networking in an Information Age
  2. Surviving Children’s Ministry in a Shrinking Church

I always feel a little intimidated when I think about doing a workshop at these big conferences. After all, I’ve only been working in kids ministry for 5 years and I’m at a very small church compared to all the usual experts. If it wasn’t for this website, nobody at LifeWay would know my name.

All the same, I’m looking forward to the conference and promise you’ll get something relevant and helpful in my breakout sessions. I will enjoy meeting online friends and making new friends all at the same time.

Are You Going?

Leave a comment below if plan to attend. I’d love to meet any readers face-to-face, and I might even bring a special prize


  1. Lisa Wible says

    Hi Tony. I really enjoy reading your email newsletters and get loads of ideas to use at my church here in Maryland. We are a church plant that is part of a larger congregation. Our location has only been going for about a year and has seen significant growth. We have doubled in size! I have been the Children’s Director for about 8 months and I am so excited to be a part of what God is doing here in Bel Air. I may be just a bit nervous too!! I have a degree in Education, but this is my first time in Children’s Ministry Leadership. Just wanted to let you know that I will be attending the Kids Conference in Alabama and will be going to both of your workshops. Thanks for all you do for Kids Ministry Leaders. Lisa Wible

  2. Mrs Sandra Jones says

    I pray that you will be truly blessed and that your family will know the peace and love of Jesus.

  3. Pasqualine w.n. Mulusya says

    Dear Mr. Kummer, Thank you for the materials that you send for children ministries. Congratulations that you are going to attend the Lifeway Kids Ministry Conference. I wish I could. I am in Kenya and I usually buy the Lifeway kid materials for my Sunday school children. I teach Sunday school in the rural areas to children who don’t speak English well so I translate the material. I delight in doing VBS which my ministry does every year in August. God Bless you in your en devours and I am going to pray for you. Yours in christ Pasqualine.

  4. Robert says

    I was planing to attend but it is unfortunite for me i did’t get all the information about the conference well and because of that i was disapointed. I gave attended so many children workshops and conference national but never have the opportunite to attend an international one yet, were i will have the opportunite to meet with different children worker and gain lot of experence.
    But God be my helper i am looking forward to one.
    It’s great to have such programme on children.
    God bless you as you go on.

  5. frances prado says

    i am very intrested in learning new ideas for childrens ministry hope to meet you god bless!

  6. says

    I forwarded this link to our pastor, hopefully they would consider it. Our church has been having a lot of challenges in the Children’s Ministry and this is something that would help. Thanks for all you do!

  7. Klista Storts says

    We’re excited that you’re coming! Looking forward to meeting you!

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