Free Mp3 Audio Bible Stories For Kids

Most kids love hearing a good story. That’s why I’m excited to recommend this free Bible stories resource. These mp3 recordings come from grandmother and Bible teacher Joelee Chamberlain. Her overviews and stories of books of the Bible, originally recorded for her grandchildren, are available free of charge in mp3 format at CCW Online. These are useful for providing children a good foundation in grasping the “big picture” of the Old Testament.

Download These Children’s Bible Stories

The first twelve of these mp3’s provide a chronological overview of the Bible from the Old Testament and Acts, told in Ms. Chamberlain’s warm and grandmotherly style. Seven additional recordings about Bible characters like Elijah and Daniel serve to fill in gaps in the story line.

These overviews and stories, which tend to run around 25-30 minutes each, are geared towards kids from 5-10 years old. Be forewarned, these mp3’s are not slickly produced; they are what they are, a grandmother’s recordings of Bible stories for her family, but Ms. Chamberlain’s knowledge of and love for the Bible, and her gift for telling its story, more than make up for the lack of production.

You can listen to and download the mp3’s here. (Hint: to download, you may need to right-click on the audio file you are interested in, choose “save link as,”and then save the mp3 to your music or iTunes folder.) You can burn these to cd’s (or upload them to an mp3 player) for listening to on those long car rides. They would also be great to use as incentives and teaching tools in your children’s program.


  1. says

    I wan’t to share the Bible with my 22 grandchildren with one, being my eldest granddaughter is a mother now with another on the way. I feel with the additional tools and help that you offer will assure that my grandchildren will have the seeds of God’s Word planted in their hearts and minds that they may become rooted and firmly grounded in the foundation of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank You…

  2. Moses Hamya says

    I have love your bible stories. My children have already began to listen to these interesting stories. We can build God’s Kingdom even through you contributions


    God bless you

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