“I Will Not Be Afraid” Kids Worship Video from Crocodile Dock

Late summer is a great time to pick up new music resources for your children’s church. Even though my church has not used Group’s VBS programs, I usually buy their worship DVD and use the songs in my ministry. So, I was excited to see one of their videos uploaded to YouTube. This makes it even easier to sample and share with kids in your church.

“I Will Not Be Afraid” Worship Video For Kids

Yes this is last year’s video, but it makes me want to use Group VBS in 2010. To have the lyrics and song motions all on one DVD is a real help. Plus the theme is built into the song! Great work Group.


  1. marcie says

    just listend to the song (I will not be afraid ) from the 2009 VBS theme, was just wondering if anyone knows the guitar chords to that song? Would like to teach it to the children in my church. Love In Christ Jesus

  2. cameron says

    I am looking for great children’s music to give to my church coordinator. I am a girl scout looking for awesome music and I need great music to bring to her! please help me!

  3. Jason says

    Yes, this was a great resource. We used Crocodile Dock this year for a summer long VBS (instead of a week long). I also created videos using just the powerpoint slides and the backing tracks as an option to the video performance tracks. This gave me the chance to lead for most of the weeks- but when I didn’t have time to lead properly- i could play the normal video’s. I would recommend picking this up if you can just to add to your kids worship library.

  4. Miss Tria says

    This is so fun to do with the kids!
    Faith Community Church VBS ROCKS!!!!!

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