Warning: Orphan Awareness Will Break Your Heart

Orphan Awareness Month
There are over 140 millions orphans worldwide

I’m not sure how I missed it, but November is Orphan Awareness Month. Many churches designated November 7th and Orphan Sunday. This is part of a larger movement among Christians to get serious about loving these hurting children.

This is a problem that should break our hearts and move our hands to action. Here is a video from the Christian Alliance for Orphans that you need to watch.

If that’s not enough to break your heart, check out this blog post from one adoptive mom. She tells the heartbreak of leaving behind the little ones in an orphanage in Ukraine. These are the children who are there, sitting in cribs all day every day, waiting for someone to adopt them. (Thanks Tim Challies for the link.)

At your Thanksgiving dinners this week, let’s remember these children who are suffering. Say a prayer for the Orphans around the world who need a miracle from God.

Maybe you can be that miracle…

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  1. ogy okunbor says

    hi.it more like an assistance than a comment.i work an ngo, living your dreams nigeria.please i need ideas on how i could help raise awareness for orphan care.thank you

  2. says

    My husband and I feel called to adopt, but we’re really struggling the cost factor. For example, to adopt in the Ukraine is almost $40,000. I know there are tax credits and loans, but it certainly is a lot to take on for a family! I know God will provide, so we’re pressing on, but I can’t say I’m not a bit nervous!

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