Palm Sunday Paper Leaf Craft

Palm Date cultivation on the banks of the "Dead Sea" in Israel.
Easter is more than a holiday—it is the reason for the hope of Christians. Jesus’ death and resurrection is terrible and glorious to those that love him. For kids, Easter is full of conflicting images. Chocolate bunnies, Easter eggs and the cross get jumbled up in the Christian child’s spirit. Teach your holiday lesson with clarity by providing crafts to reinforce this important lesson.

Palm Sunday Leaf Craft

The Easter story is panoramic and includes many people and special places. Sometimes we forget to include Jesus’ entrance into the city on a donkey. The children sang, “Hosanna!” and greeted him with palm leaves. This palm leaf craft is an excellent way to reintroduce children to the kingship of Jesus.

Supplies: Large sheets of green construction paper. Child-safe scissors.

Directions: Before class cut out as many large leaf shapes as you need. Buy the large size construction paper if needed. Make the leaves long and oval shaped. Fold the leaves in half to make the leaf look like a tropical palm. When children arrive, give them safety scissors. Kids use the scissors to cut the edges making the paper look like fronds. Give kids crayons to write “Hosanna” on the leaves.

Smaller children might find it fun to wave the palms at a volunteer pretending to be Jesus. Play the song, “Hosanna” and allow kids to worship by waving their crafts in the area.


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