Scripture Stickies: Bible Verse Stickers For Children

As a parent (and Children’s Pastor) I’m always looking for fun ways to help my kids learn the Bible.  I just discovered Bible memory stickers Scripture Stickies and have worked out a product giveaway.

Scripture Stickies are Holy Bible verses to go. Each pack contains two copies of five different scriptures on a topic. Stick them on two different places or share the extra copy with a friend.

Peel the backing off each Scripture Stickies verse and stick anywhere. Scripture Stickies uses 3M’s adhesive technology so our product sticks on and removes easily just like a Post-It ® note.

Check out their website to learn more. They offer a club for moms, custom Bible stickers, and even study packs for the National Bible Bee.

Julie from Scripture Stickies was so pleased with the contest response that she is offering a 20% off coupon to our readers. Just enter the code MTC at checkout.

Scripture Stickies Give Away

They have offered a set of the kids study packs #1, 2 and 3 as the prize. You can see more details here.  This giveaway has closed 22 June 2009 and the winner has been emailed. Thanks for your comments.


  1. says

    I just held the drawing (one day late) and the random winner is comment #1 Mary Reece. I’ve emailed her. Thanks to all who entered.

  2. Desirae says

    I hope I’m not too late to enter!!! I would love to win these. Just discovered this website and it is AWESOME!!!

  3. Ashley Rice says

    I would love the stickers. We will be doing block parties in unchurched areas in our community this summer and would love to use them there.

  4. Debbie Goddard says

    I would invite the kids for a scrap book party and incorporate the sticky scriptures with a lesson and let the kids make their very own scrap books using the stickers and other biblical things to go along with it.

  5. Trevor Lambert says

    This would be a great resource to win. Thanks for working out this contest.

  6. Jen Fauske says

    Would love to win and give as prizes for our Sword Drill contests!

  7. Sarah Henry says

    I would love to win this resource. I would use it at church to help our children hide God’s word in their heart.

  8. says

    These would be great for our Sunday School Department. We are always looking for new ideas and resources. All kids love stickers.

  9. Donita says

    These stickies are a great idea. I would use them to help the school age kids in Sunday School memorize verses. I am always looking for ways to get God’s Word rooted into children. And this would be a great tool for them to take home and stick somewhere they could read it everyday. I would ask them to memorize it through the week and be prepared to recite it the following week. This would be a great way for them to put it up somewhere at home that the entire family could see it and start learning the verse. This is great for adults too!

  10. says

    Just an update: Julie from Scripture Stickies was so pleased with the contest response that she is offering a 20% off coupon to our readers. Just enter the code MTC at checkout.

  11. Kristin says

    These are great! We made Bible memory desktop calendars for the families in our church this year. This would be a fun supplement to those!

  12. says

    Thank you so much for the giveaway, it sure will be a fun way to learn more about the Bible for the little ones, thanks

  13. Beth Busby says

    I would love to have these Bible verse stickers for my group at camp this year. To give out to the ones who memorize their Bible verses and such. Children love rewards for things they do well at.

  14. Lauren Magnani says

    Hi! I would love to win these stickers! We are doing out reach and every wednesday I meet with Kids ages 6-13 in a clubhouse at a trailer park in a very low income area. We help with homework, and then do a small bible lesson, art project, and games. Its awesome to see how these kids are falling in love with JESUS and sooo eager to learn more! This would be an awesome way that they can have something to bring home to the parents and just keep with them!! I have pictures and everything I would love to share with you! God is really moving out here! Myself, I am running off of very low income, just trying to get by! trusting God all the way. The kids would really be blessed by this! They are awesome kids, and I love that I get to go out there and just build relationships with them!

  15. Jacqui Belcher says

    I would use these in a scavenger hunt type of game with my youth bible study group. They are older teens, so they at times are resistant to “games” but they love food , so I would hide them in our room stuck to a candy bar , soda can or honey bun, and have them try and learn the verse for next week’s class! Thank you!

  16. Kim says

    I have three yr olds, they love stickers. I wish I had, had them a week ago tho, I would have used them on luminary bags for Relay for Life. We have a very small church, in avery small town. So anytime one could win something to add in teaching this is always good. Thank You Miss Kim

  17. Joy says

    What an interesting idea. Yes I am interested in winning these for Sunday School. I like the idea of trying thngs first before placing an order. A cost effective plan.

  18. Janie Corbin says

    I would use these stickies to put something in place for our youth. Our church has over 150 members and our youth department has gone from over 80 to less than 5. These kids have lost interest because I was the former director and I am trying to find way(s) to implement parental and getting their kids back involved in church activities. I am making a great start by working back with VBS and hopefull I can recruit and keep the teachers involved as well and have the kids back in church service(s).

  19. Mary Reece says

    I’d use the stickies in Sunday School, apply them to the backs of my children and have them travel around the room trying to learn the scripture that is posted on the stickie. What a great idea, stickies!!!