Best of Ministry-To-Children September 2009

Here is one downside to adding all the new writers – our site is completely flooded with great new posts.  It can be easy to miss something.  So, let me offer a recap of some of our best posts from September 2009.  Let me know if this month-in-review is helpful and I might try it again next month. The following star ratings are based on page views per post.


Self Control Lesson for Children’s Church
Trunk or Treat: A Church Halloween Alternative
Bible Trivia Questions for Kids
Day #1 of Creation Lesson Plan


Church Decline: Ministry In a Shrinking Church
Top 10 Children’s Ministry Blogs
Day #2 of Creation Lesson Plan
Jesus Final Instructions & Ascension Lesson Plan


Children’s Bible Lesson: Jesus Turns Water Into Wine
All-in-One Bible Fun: Preschool Sunday School Curriculum
Zacchaeus and Jesus Bible Lesson for Children
Creation Songs For Children’s Church

Some Other Helpful Children’s Ministry Links

Here are a few posts that I found helpful on other Kids Ministry websites this month.  If you ever need something fresh, be sure to browse the BIG LIST of Children’s Ministry blogs.


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