Pinwheel Craft for Teaching about the Holy Spirit

This craft activity is great for a windy, spring day.  The children will make a pinwheel to teach them about how God is a spirit.  A lesson can be taught, followed by making the craft and the children will finish by playing with their pinwheels outside. Click here to leave your comments or suggestions about this craft idea.

pinwheel craft idea

Target Age: 2nd-5th grade

Key Verse: John 3:8 “The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going; so is everyone who is born of the Spirit.”

Time Needed: 20 minutes for the craft only (The children may spend a long time decorating their pinwheel.  The length of craft depends on how detailed your children will want to decorate.  You know your children best and can judge how long this craft will take.)

Materials Needed:

  • One square piece of heavy construction paper per child
  • One pair of scissors per child
  • One thumb tack per child
  • One pencil (with an eraser) per child, preferably brand new
  • Crayons, colored pencils, and stickers for decorating the pinwheels

pinwheel craft project supplies


  1. Fold the construction paper on the diagonal from corner to corner.  Open the paper up and fold on the second diagonal across the other two corners.  When the paper is opened flat, the folds make an “X” across the square.
  2. Make one cut along each fold beginning at the corner and cutting toward the center.  The cut should stop about halfway toward the center.  The cut should not go all the way to the center of the square.
  3. Decorate each section of the square on both sides of the heavy construction paper using the materials provided.
  4. Take every other corner, one at a time and gently pull it up to the center of the square.
  5. When all four corners meet at the center, take the thumb tack and push it through all four corners through the center of the square.
  6. Push the thumb tack through the eraser of the pencil.
  7. Blow on the pinwheel and watch it spin!

Use this craft to teach the children about how we can hear and feel the wind, but we cannot see it.  We can see the results of the wind, but we cannot see the wind itself.  Relate this to God.  We can hear His voice through His Word and feel His peace, comfort, joy, etc.  We cannot see Him, but we can see the results of His work.

pinwheel craft how-to steps


  • I recommend using a square which is 6 inches or smaller in diameter.  You want the length from one corner to the center of the square to be shorter than the pencil.
  • The thicker the paper you choose to use, the more sturdy the pinwheel will be.  Thick paper will better withstand to the wind and blowing by a child.
  • Do not push the thumb tack all the way through the pencil eraser causing the pinwheel to attach tightly to the pencil.  If pushed in too tightly the pinwheel will not turn.
  • Here is another website we found with helpful illustrations of folding the pinwheel.

Pinwheel craft folded paper


  1. Gladwin says

    Tony, Thank you so much for your valuable ideas to grab the attention of children in sunday school….

    Gladwin, Bihar India

  2. Monica says

    Thanks so much by the idea of this great collorfull pinwheel, I’ll try to do it with my children tomorrow at my church. God bless you and your family.

  3. Deb Plyler says

    Your Pinwheel idea is great! I know it is winter now, but I love the idea for Spring. I am going to have them put memory verses on each leaf of it. Thank you for this wonderful site.

  4. Sue says

    I did this with children at VBS in Mexico. It is a great idea. The push pin kept coming out of the eraser, but the kids loved doing it.

  5. beatrice says

    This is really great i know my sunday school children will have fun making the pinwheel.

  6. Tekelia says

    This will be a wonderful demonstration of how the Holy Spirit works in and through us. I hope the Sunday school class will enjoy making the pinwheels tomorrow. I try to keep the class exciting.

  7. Tigist Gebrehiwot says

    My name is Tigist Gebrehiwot from Ethiopia, I reside in South Africa quite for some time and I am a sunnday school teacher in small church here in Pretoria called Generation For Christ, your site been help in my ministry and I do not know what I could do with out you.

    Me and the children from Generation for Christ church here in Pretoria say thank you!



    • Asela McCall says

      I am using this idea for my preks to also tape on each side of the pinwheel the books of the Bible that they are learning. Thanks and God bless Asela

  8. meh cletus tah says

    As a pastor i consider the childrens ministry as one of the most difficult ministry to handle.Ihave been looking for materials for the childrens ministry until the Lord open my eyes to this site i must salute your courage patience and grace to handle this wonderful ministry.May the good Lord inspire you and shower your team with deep revelation.Remain bless

  9. Christianera Tuitele says

    Thank you for allowing us to view, learn and utilize available lesson plans and crafts and all available stories to teach our chrsitian ambassadors. I am from American Samoa (Territory of USA) and am thankful for this website…it is a blessing for me as a Sunday school teacher to know this site is available. God bless.

  10. carol says

    when I saw the pinwheel I felt a real thrill to see something so eye catching, simple and effective for teaching the lesson on The Holy Spirit. God Bless you for ministring to others at no cost!

  11. APRIL says

    I did this craft with my bible stusy class and the loved it! It was so simple and easy it one I know they will remember the lesson it was attached to!

  12. Jan Hlad says

    I was stumped for a craft demonstrating the presence of the Holy Spirit. Good idea!

  13. Pamela Harry says

    We created the “Holy Spirit Pinwheel” at Sunday School this week. It was a hit! Although we had no wind that day…we stood in front of a fan and discovered that the power that was causing our pinwheels to spin was real and that power was invisible…as is the Holy Spirit….an invisible, real power! Thank you. Ms. Pam

  14. Jennifer Eloise Browne says

    I am just viewing this website for the first time as I search for mothers day activities. I am a Sunday School Teacher from the island of St.Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean and I am really enjoying the site and the information is very valuable. God Bless you.

  15. Judy Tull says

    Not only the holy spirit but the power of the tong and how our words speak life or death, how the Holy Spirit lives within our words, our breath as we blow or speak the power is released, your breath that will turn the pinwheel.

  16. Linda says

    Love your projects and this one, too. I just wanted to mention that the use of push pins may be a hazard to preschoolers and small children as recently there was a tragic case of one choking to death on one. It is impossible to dislodge once swallowed. Perhaps another device could be used to attach the pinwheel together.

  17. randi says

    I appreciate the help and I think its a wonderful thing you are doing to help the children.

  18. Mary Davis says

    I have adapted the pinwheel craft to suit younger children more safely. I use a paper fastener (a larger one with longer bendable pieces) instead of a thumb tack, and a ruler instead of the pencil.
    Most rulers have a hole toward one or both ends. The paper fastener goes through the layers of the pinwheel, then through the hole in the ruler. It works as well as the other one, but no tack with a sharp end, and it holds together longer.

  19. olarinde tosin says

    give the children a fun time to run around and make it work.It is educative thanks

  20. carol Sheargold says

    I used a pin wheel in a Christian fare we had about 20years ago.
    I said the stick represented God, the wheel us,
    the pin in the center to hold it to the stick was Jesus and the wind blowing on the wheel was the Holy Spirit. In our lives, I taught, we need God, with Jesus in the center of our life keeping us close to God and then the Holy Spirit, to keep us moving in Service for God in our lives. it was very well received by all ages.

  21. pamela says

    This looks like an awesome craft for my 4-5th grade class to do this summer, and my grandkids. Thanks for sharing. I love it and think the kids will enjoy making and having their own pinwheel.

  22. says

    This craft also matches the 252 curriculum for June: “Faith…certain of what we do not see.” Watching a pinwheel move with an invisible force (wind) is a great illustration for having faith in something we cannot see. (Illustrations are especially important for kids with special needs!)

    Thank you for providing this!

    • says

      Tony, this is a great illustration to our children’s ministry in Eldoret Kenya. The illustration helps the children to imagine how the person of the Holy Spirit operates in the world.

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