Bible Lesson: Reaping a Reward (Esther 5-7)


This lesson from Esther focuses on how God rewards (or repays) each person according to their conduct.  Students will discover from Esther 5-7 that in God’s time He rewards the righteous for their faithfulness to Him and He punishes those who are wicked.  The lesson was created for older elementary students and can be adapted […]

Bible Lesson: The Tables are Turned (Esther 8-10)


This lesson concludes the study of Esther for older elementary students.  The Book of Esther is an opportunity for believers to see how God (even though His name isn’t mentioned) is Sovereign in the affairs of this world.  He protects His people and turns the tables against those who wish to harm them.  Students will […]

Esther Bible Lesson for Preschoolers

Click above to see this coloring sheet

This free Bible lesson is designed for younger children (2 year olds – 5 year olds). Use it in your Sunday School or Children’s Church to help introduce the events from Esther to this age group. We’ve included several learning activities below, but you may want to have some of our free Esther coloring pages […]

Lesson: The Power of Influence (Esther 3-4)

The Influence of Esther

This continues a series of the study of Esther.  In this lesson the students will discover that we all have the power to influence others.  Either we will influence people positively or negatively.  A believer who walks daily with Jesus by reading God’s Word, praying and obeying will make be a positive influence in the […]

Bible Lesson: Finding Favor (Esther 1-2)

Lesson on Esther 1-2

The following lesson is the second in the series of Esther.  This lesson focuses on how Esther won the favor of everyone she was around.  Student will discover that God gives His favor to those who live a blameless life.  The format for the lesson is mostly teaching verse by verse and allowing students to […]

Bible Lesson: Overview of Esther

Bible Lesson on Esther for Children

The following lesson is the beginning of a new series teaching through the Book of Esther.  The focus of this lesson is an overview of Esther introducing students to the main characters, places and themes.  It is a good opportunity to refresh students’ minds who the Jewish people are, God’s Covenant with His people and […]