Flashing Light Object Lesson about Prayer


We’ve all heard the acronyms, FROG and PUSH (that’s Fully Rely on God and Pray Until Something Happens.) These might motivate teens and adults to pray but kids need something more. Prayer isn’t a natural impulse but once kids get the power of prayer, they will want to participate. Let me say this, when parents […]

Three Popcorn Object Lessons from Mark 4:7-9


Could teaching kids about God be as easy as popping a bag of popcorn? Yes, indeed! If you have some popcorn, you can easily teach three significant object lessons to your Sunday School, children’s church or summer camp. Since it smells so tempting and delicious, have plenty of popcorn on hand to serve and share […]

How to Create an Object Lesson for Kids Church


Love visual lessons but can’t find the right one? You don’t have to rely on others to present you with object lessons–you can do it yourself. That’s true even if you don’t have a teaching degree or any experience writing curriculum. I learned how to create an object lesson a children’s ministry conference well over […]

New Candy Bible Object Lessons

Bible Object Lessons about candy

Kids will love these candy object lessons from the Bible. Print this post for a quick children’s sermon our illustration in Sunday School class. I’m a huge candy fan! Not only is it sweet and fun to snack on but candy makes the perfect object lesson. I’ve found that whenever you use edible object lessons, kids […]

Clean Hands Bible Object Lesson about Sin

Clean Hands Object Lesson about Sin

When today’s kids think about cleanliness, they probably think about using antibacterial gel or washing their hands with antibacterial soap. As hard as it is to remember, the rules about cleanliness are a lot less complicated than they used to be. Teach the kids a valuable lesson about godly cleanliness. Here’s what I recently taught […]

Object Lessons About the Kingdom of Heaven

Treasure Hidden in a Field

Teaching kids about the kingdom of heaven? Present object lessons based on this passage from Matthew 13:44-46. The simplicity of Jesus’ parables will make it easy for kids to understand and apply to their own lives. “The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it […]

Bible Object Lessons with Flowers

Object Lessons with Flowers

The flowers are popping with color and these perky blooms make the perfect object lesson. Before class, tip toe through the tulips in your backyard (pun intended) or stop by a grocery store for an inexpensive bouquet. Object lessons with flowers allow kids to “smell” and “see” the Bible come to life. Have enough flowers […]

“Jellybean” Bible Object Lessons

Jelly Bean Bible Object Lessons

Small, sweet and colorful, this eye-catching candy can’t help but attract attention. Bring a bag of jellybeans to kids’ church or Sunday School as a visual aid for a special bible lesson. Once you have completed the demonstration, dole them out and share the candies with the class. (Have a bag of sugar-free candies available […]