“Jellybean” Bible Object Lessons

Jelly Bean Bible Object Lessons

Small, sweet and colorful, this eye-catching candy can't help but attract attention. Bring a bag of jellybeans to kids' church or Sunday School as a visual aid for a special bible lesson. Once you have completed the demonstration, dole them out and share the candies with the class. (Have a bag of sugar-free candies available for diabetic or sugar-sensitive kids and adults.) … [Read more...]

Fruit Punch Object Lessons

Fruit Juice Object Lesson

Looking for a power-packed object lesson? Reach for the fruit punch! You can blend fruit punch from a packet or buy a bottle of pre-mixed punch. When working with this colorful juice, remember that it can stain your skin and clothing. If you enlist the help of a child, have an apron handy to protect his clothing. Keep extra punch handy to serve up during snack time. Sweet or … [Read more...]

Bible Object Lesson Using Band Aids


If you have an emergency first aid kit and a bible, you have all you need to teach a few exciting and important object lesson. Bandages make a great visual aid, especially if you enlist the help of a volunteer or kid helper. You could also cover a puppet in bandages for fun. I recommend using these two verses but you could probably find plenty of more applicable … [Read more...]

Christian Object Lessons: Kitchen Utensils

Bible Object Lessons - kitchen tools

Do you like dressing up as a character when you teach? I do! Sometimes showing up for class in a costume really gets kids excited about learning. Add in a few Christian object lessons and you’ve really got a fun idea. One of the easiest characters to dress up as is a chef. Grab the kitchen utensils, an apron and a hat and you have all you need to teach kids a valuable Christian … [Read more...]

Beach Bible Object Lessons for Kids Church

Beach Bible Object Lessons

As warm weather settles in, more families will be making trips to the beach and their favorite water parks. What a perfect time to break out these beach object lessons for kids church! These visual aids are inexpensive and easy to find, perfect for teaching kids important lessons from the Bible. Ready to use some lessons that are just "beachy?" Beach Sand Object … [Read more...]