Learning the Names of the Disciples

The Twelve Apostles Ancient Artwork

This ministry idea shared by one of our readers, Linda M Howard from First Baptist Church Tyrone, GA.

I do have something I would like to share with you so you can share it with others. I wanted my class to learn the disciples but couldn’t find any ‘help’ when searching the internet. So I decided to put them in alphabetical order and I was amazed at how easy it was then. This is the results:

A ~ Andrew
B ~ Bartholomew
J ~ James, James, Judas, Judas, John
M ~ Matthew
P ~ Peter, Philip
S ~ Simon
T ~ Thomas

They loved learning this and wanted to say them every time we met. One asked if they could learn the Books of the Bible in Alphabetical order! If you want to use Thaddaeus, you can add him in the “T” list and take out one Judas.

Hope this will be as much fun for others as it was for us.


  1. Karen says

    Here’s an easy song for the names of the 12 Apostles. It goes to the tune of “Jesus Loves Me”. I don’t know who came up with it, but I learned it over 50 years ago and have taught it in all of my classes.

    Jesus called them one by one, Peter, Andrew, James and John.
    Next came Phillip, Thomas, too, Matthew and Bartholomew

    Chorus: Yes, Jesus called them.
    Yes, Jesus called them.
    Yes, Jesus called them,
    To preach his holy word

    James the son of Alphaeus, Simon, also Thaddeaus;
    12 apostles Judas made; Jesus was by him betrayed.


  2. Ash says


    Game for books of the bible

    Make every one stand in a straight line and have 3 volunteers stand 2 feet away from each other and tag them as New testament, Old testament and No testament. Start calling out the names of the books eg Luke – all the kids should run to the new testament line, the person who comes last into the line or stands in the old/no testament line are out. eg for no testament – paul,david,..etc..this is a fun game and they will learn to win the game.

  3. Dorinda says

    Thanks for your awesome Father’s Day lesson . Do you have anything on The Books of the Bible that are children friendly? I am looking for printable poster or something along that line.

  4. says

    My mother made up a song to remember the disciples’ names. It was very simple, but 30+ years later I still remember it and just taught it to my preschool students a few months ago.

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