Four Preschool Songs For Mother’s Day

If you are teaching preschool children on Mother’s Day, then you will love these songs about moms from Cullen’s ABC’s. They are all three set to familiar tunes, but have special words for mother’s day.

Watch the videos below to learn the songs. These would make excellent learning activities for preschoolers at church or at home. Be sure to see all of Cullen’s videos on Youtube.

“Happy Mother’s Day To You” Song

This preschool song is set to the tune of “Happy Birthday.”

“I Really Love My Mother” Preschool Song

This one is set to the tune of “Have You Ever Seen a Lassie?”

“Mommy Is The One I Love” Song for Preschoolers

This song is set to the tune of “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”

Song “MOMMY is Her Name”

This song is set to the tune of “B.I.N.G.O.” but changed for mother’s day.

Need More Help? Then browse these Bible verses for mother’s day, or watch how-videos for mother’s day crafts, or get ideas for Mother’s day events.


  1. N. FERREIRA says

    Thank you so much, these songs are great and wonderful for the class I am teatching and also the tunes are well known to me. May God bless you always, and thanks a lot. Nono

  2. JRLong says

    I can tell by Cullin’s videos that she is a wonderful loving teacher and a great person. One issue I do have is that to use some of her songs it is impossible to figure out the tune. Maybe she has a friend who could help her by singing along or playing the tune to help her. Several times I’ve just given up trying to listen because of the many key changes. I do not want to be unkind but honesty might be the best for her.

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