How Do You Get Volunteers To Help With The Children’s Ministry

I just heard from one of our newsletter readers. She asked, “how do you get volunteers to help you with the children.” I thought it would be a good question to open up here on the website.

Here was my basic response, you can also read a post I wrote about finding volunteers for Vacation Bible School:

Finding Children’s Ministry Workers

  1. Make a list of what kids ministry workers you need
  2. Pray over this blank ministry volunteer roster
  3. Brainstorm a list of anyone you think would do a good job. Write them down even if you think they will say NO.
  4. Work down your potential volunteer list. Approach them face-to-face if possible, but phone calls & email work too. Ask them to help – be specific about what / where / how often.
  5. If they say No, thank them and move down the list.
  6. If the positions are still open, restart the list.

I hope that helps, it takes some boldness. But I believe that serving the kids is a blessing and honor for people – so I’m doing them a favor by recruiting them.

Share your ideas in the comment box below.


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