Wise Men & Baby Jesus (Preschool Finger Play Song)

Here is another great video from Cullen where she teaches a preschool finger plan and wise men song. It’s a simple song for young children that tells the story of the Wise Men visiting Baby Jesus.

Watch the video below where she demonstrate this story with a finger play. That just means acting the story out with just fingers instead of puppets. Finger plays are great learning activities for preschoolers because they add a physical movement to the song.

Preschool Finger Play: The Wise Men Visit Baby Jesus

If you liked the Wisemen Song, another Christian song for small children you may enjoy is the Bible Song, a rhyme that teaches children how to spell the word Bible. For more songs, ideas and activities to do with children you can visit Cullen’s Youtube Channel.

Wise Men + Baby Jesus Song & Finger Play for Preschoolers

The Wise Men traveled from afar,
Following the Christmas star,
When it stopped they jumped for joy,
And worshiped baby Jesus boy.

Use This Preschool Song for Christmas

One great way to use this song is for preschool Sunday School around Christmas time. The children will loving singing about baby Jesus and the Wise men. They could even practice and perform the song and finger play to the congregation during Advent. You could also use it to supplement a baby jesus lesson in your preschool Sunday School class. Simple finger plays are always a great learning activity for young children.


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