Video: Revelation Song

One of my favorite new worship songs is called the Revelation Song. This may be a little off topics, but I wanted to share the the video and lyrics here on our site. This might be something to show in

Video "Psalm 55:22" Bible Memory Song

I was just catching up on the  Sojourn Kids blog (worth reading every week) and I found this video from Seeds Family Worship. It features the actual words of the Psalm in music and text. It’s really well done and

Video – Books of the Bible Song

Check out this song & video to memorize the books of the Bible. It contains all 66 books of the Bible in order. This would be great for kids and adults who are memorizing the books of the bible.

It could also be used for an activity in your Sunday school class or children’s church. It was created by Bigsby who does Children’s Ministry concerts, you can get the guitar chords for this song on his blog.

Practical Tips To Memorize The Books Of The Bible

  • Review what you know every day
  • Learn 5 books at a time, then move on for 5 more
  • Write them out by hand once a week
  • Use this video song to make it easy, just sing along once a day
  • Recite your books in front of other people
  • Share your best practical tip below
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