Aaron, Moses, and Joshua Worksheet

I wanted to study Aaron, Moses, and Joshua with my Wednesday night kids (grades 2nd-5th). These three men were around all at the same time and I wanted to work through them together. The kids in my class know the

Genesis 1:1 Bible Decoding Worksheet

Kids love to act like they are secret spies decoding a secret message. Here is a great Bible verse decoding worksheet made for Genesis 1:1. This worksheet can be used as a Bible verse review or even used during your

J-E-S-U-S Word Puzzle Worksheet

The children in my Preschool/Kindergarten class are learning how to read and write. They are interested in learning how to spell different words and writing things for themselves while we are doing projects. They’re eyes light up when they recognize

B-I-B-L-E Puzzle Worksheet

Do your kids sing the song B-I-B-L-E? I know my preschool/kindergarten class love to sing that song. Most of them are learning how to read and write and want to know how to spell things around them. Singing the song

Noah's Ark Activity Worksheets for Children

This 4 page set of activity sheets about Noah’s Ark was shared with our readers by Jason from Bible Story Cartoons.His website sells Bible activity sheets that can be downloaded for children’s ministry or Sunday School. He sent this free