Lesson: When in Doubt…PRAY!!!

Prayer is an important and essential part of our lives as Christians. But sometimes adults and kids alike miss out on this precious tool because we think somehow we have to have just the right words, environment, or circumstances to

Printable "We're Praying For You Cards"

Prayer is powerful! Prayer is an important part of any Christian’s life. I want to show this to my class at church, so I created these “We’re Praying For You” cards. Each week, during our time of prayer requests, I

Teaching Kids How to Pray for Others

Lifting one another in prayer follows the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I always want prayer! Serving others in prayer helps our Christian friends through the tough times and sows prayer seeds

Leading a Prayer Meeting for Kids

When kids express a desire to learn how to pray, it is time for a prayer meeting! During a prayer meeting or even a mini lesson, you can teach kids how to pray for themselves, their families, communities and the

Five Finger Prayer for Children

Try this classic prayer model to help children and preschoolers learn to pray. Don’t miss our complete coloring book based on the Lord’s Prayer – it’s 100% free too. Five Finger Prayer for Children Free Printable Worksheet / Template Here

Have Kids Send a Prayer Postcard to the President

Monday is Washington’s Birthday, which is commonly called Presidents Day in the united states. I came arcoss this ideas an think it would be helpful the Sunday before. This great little tip came from a Children’s Ministry Magazine article called

Prayer Coloring Pages for Kids

These coloring pages are meant to help children learn to pray. They can be used in a variety of Sunday School activities or simply at home as prayer cards. Often times teachers can have children write out their prayers as