9 Things a Kids Ministry Leader Needs to Hear

Kids ministry can be one of the most exciting ministries but it can challenge you, too. It’s easy to feel isolated, unappreciated and well, misunderstood even in a supportive environment. Sometimes, the kids ministry leader just needs to hear a kind word. If you’re wondering what to say, try one of these 9 things a kids min leader needs to hear. Thank you. Kids don’t always remember to say it, parents can forget it but these two

Are You a Lone Ranger or a Team Player?

Anyone who has ever worked in ministry has had feelings of “loner-ism” at some point or other. While it’s normal to have seasons of loneliness, they should never result in become the Lone Ranger or the Lone Minister. Here are some possible scenarios: volunteers forget to bring promised items or fail to show up. Kids don’t respond to your lesson or attendance begins to drop. Fellow leaders show little interest in getting to know you or hearing

25 Things a Children’s Pastor’s Must Do this Summer

I know what you’re thinking,”25 more things?” Well these 25 “must do activities” are really fun suggestions that could help you reconnect with your inner child. As children’s ministers, we should think like our sheep. That’s hard to do at times, especially when we get busy with grown up life, ministry and family. Our top 25 summer bucket list is a great way to simplify your summer living—and just be a kid again. Run through the sprinkler.

7 Great Summer Things to Do with Ministry Volunteers

At the appointed time each, (Sunday, Wednesday etc.) you and your team gather the small sheep and then entertain, teach and inspire them. (We all firmly hope!) When it’s all over, the glue tubes are confiscated, parents’ questions have all been answered, the last child leaves, you give one another a high five. In many ministries, this is about all the interaction volunteers have with one another outside the classroom setting. If this sounds like you and

Should Parents Volunteer in Children's Ministry?

  The short answer? A hearty yes! But it pays to understand the pros and cons of parent volunteers. No matter what size ministry you operate, you can find a place for a pair of willing hands. Let’s start with the positives, recognize the possible negatives and then move on to how to lead parent volunteers. The Positive Points Kids behave for parents. Sometimes, I think the children I teach consider me a “friend” or a “pal.”

Six Pointers for Parent Communication

Parent communication is crucial in your ministry to children and families. In planning curriculum and ministry initiatives, keeping parents both informed and involved is something that can’t be missed. This isn’t a complicated task, however. Here are a few simple things to keep in mind. 1. Don’t merely inform parents; involve them! It is valuable to let parents know what their children are learning and hearing while they are in your care. It is even more valuable

Getting the Most from Your Kids Ministry Event

Hosting a kids’ event takes a ton of effort, planning and prayer. By the time the event comes around, I’m ready for it to be over but just running through it without thought won’t yield the results I want. After investing so much, financially and spiritually, I want to get the most from the kids’ event I’m involved with. You can too! Get the most from your precious investment by including these points. Practice! Practice! Hoping everyone

6 Things New Families Want to See

When a new family visits your children’s ministry, you’ve got one opportunity to make a good impression. Your core families may forgive you for an overflowing garbage can or your late arrival but new families…not so much. Unfortunately, ministry isn’t always neat and tidy and even the most organized kids’ pastor can have an off day. I know I have! After my near fifteen years experience, I can see six areas that really matter to new families,

Preparing for Weekends With Lots of Visitors

As we prepare for one of the most highly attended weekends of the year, it is important to pause and make sure we are ready for the new families who walk through our doors. Let’s look at 5 easy ways you can make it a better experience for first time guests. Be early! Make sure you are in position and have fully prepared for class before parents begin to drop off children. It does not send a

Well Child Guidelines for Children's Ministry

All parents hate germs.  They absolutely don’t want their little ones to get sick. At the same time, many parents want their children to come to class, even when they are the ones carrying germs!  How do you help keep your children (and grown ups) healthy and communicate to parents what the limitations are?  A well-communicated well child policy is a great answer. 1.  Determine what symptoms or illnesses you can not allow.  Here is a sample

Secrets to a Dynamic Kids Church

When you hear the word “dynamic” used in a description of your children’s ministry, it’s a good feeling. No matter where you are today, you can infuse the dynamic into your kids ministry just be doing a few things differently. Shake up your kids’ church by implementing these tips for an energetic, living ministry. Some of these “secrets” may take time to implement but you can do it! Keep it active: Kids love God hugely. Keep the

5 Things Children's Ministers Should Not Do

Church growth is a fickle thing. Too much focus on one area and not another on another and you could see your numbers fading. Besides shrinking church growth, you could also face personal discouragement and disappointment. No matter who you are, these things can happen. The best way to keep growing and moving forward in ministry is to avoid doing the wrong things. (I’ve been there and done that!) Keep your eyes peeled for this ministry-killers. Adopting

Are Preteens Ready for Ministry Leadership?

**This is a guest post from Nick Diliberto from PreteenMinistry.net God always amazes me when he uses preteens in leadership. A friend of mine, Clint May, President of CDM International, told me the story of Sarah, who went through a preteen leadership program at his church. Here’s the story in Clint’s words. “One year we did a mission trip in San Marcus, Texas. We had a rough trip. Many of our kids came down with a virus. Because

Managing Paid Childcare Workers

Lots of churches use paid childcare workers in lots of different ways. Some use them on Sunday mornings to make sure the nursery is covered.  Some use them on Wednesday and/or Sunday nights.  Some cover special events or Bible studies.  Regardless of how you use them, it can sometimes become quite the chore to manage that part of the ministry.  Here are seven tips for effectively managing paid childcare workers. 1.  Have specific job descriptions – make

How To Win Your Pastor's Support for the Kids Ministry

How many times have you thought, “My pastor just doesn’t get it” or “my pastor just doesn’t care about kids’ ministry”?  Do you struggle with feeling supported by your pastor? I think we all do from time to time, and some of us feel that way all the time.  Most pastors are not wired in a way where kids are their first priority.  But most pastors are the same in that they really do want your ministry

Children's Pastor Job Description

Do you need a sample job description for a children’s minister? Then check out our basic template below.  It is easily customizable for your church or situation. For example, you might include more specific duties and lines of accountability. Please leave a comment below to share your own ideas for making it even better. Position:  Children’s Pastor Qualifications: – Born again Christian who feels a call by God into ministry – Love for children and families –

How to Evaluate a Sunday School Curriculum

Choosing curriculum is a huge decision. There are so many options and there can be so many different facets to consider.  Publishers always put their best foot forward, but how do you know if their materials are best for your church?  Here are some important questions to ask as you evaluate curriculum. 1.  Do you know what you need?  Before you look at a single page, you need to have a very clear idea of what your

How to Comfort a Bereaved Child

Last week a reader asked us for advice on comforting a mourning child. She wrote about her close friend and ministry leader who was dying from cancer – they expected the Lord to call her home this week. She asked, Do you have any material that would help us deal with this loss to our children? My main goal is for the kids to “KNOW” that our friend is in heaven with Jesus! I want them to find

How to Make Sure Parents Ignore Your Messages

“Can you hear me now?” was made famous by cell phone commercials, but do you often feel like asking that to the parents in your ministry?  It causes great frustration when we have important information to share and we feel that no one is hearing us. Sometimes, though, we cause our own problems.  The follow communication mistakes are certain to get your message ignored. Click here to add your own to this list. 1.  Overload with messages

How to Get Your Message to Parents Every Time

In today’s world we have more options than ever for how to communicate.  However, does it ever feel to you like it is harder than ever to get your message through? We have discovered that one of the greatest challenges is that each of the parents in our ministry pays attention to different modes of communication.  Some only read what comes in on their smartphones and some don’t even carry a cell phone.  Some see every piece

How To Win Over the Stubborn People at Your Church

You know who I’m talking about. They’ve been called stuffed shirts, God’s chosen frozen, and the criticism committee. I would discourage such phrases, but these change resistant church members can have a chilling effect on your ministry. Many a youth pastor, children’s director, and preacher has cowered before their glaring eyes. They secretly question your leadership, withhold their support, and sometimes oppose your plans outright. In short, they think your program is ruining their church. Getting mad doesn’t help and you’ve already

Seven Habits of Highly Insecure Children’s Pastors

Continuing my Benefits of Hindsight series, I would like to suggest seven habits which can create highly insecure and ineffective children’s pastors. In my years of ministry I have witnessed all of them, and I also have been guilty of a few. So, as you read the list and think about the implications, imagine my voice as one of godly fear and trembling, rather than witty sarcasm. In the statements below I refer to the CP, for children’s pastor.

Sample Head Lice Policy for Church, Daycare, or School

A few years ago I wrote a letter to the parents of my church to inform them of our head lice policy. While head lice is not a glamorous topic, it can present very real problems. And I don’t simply mean the head scratching kind! If one or more children show up to church with head lice infestations in their hair, and accidently pass the lice on to other children, tempers can flair among parents. So, I learned

Benefits of Hindsight in Children's Ministry Leadership

Late in 2010 I resigned as Children’s Pastor from the church where I served for fifteen years. It concluded thirty years of being involved in some form of children’s work, mostly in the local church. In my previous church, one of only two where I have been on staff, I was an elder and Children’s Ministry Director for four years, although I had participated in children’s ministry for thirteen years in that setting. So, twenty-eight years have