Fun Ways to Find New Ministry Volunteers

It’s spring–time to refill those volunteer vacancies. What’s your strategy for filling those spots with excited, faithful volunteers? Bringing in new faces can feel like a full time job and it can require a bit of skill and patience. Why

When Volunteers Don't Show Up

Without volunteers most children’s ministry would have a difficult time managing the many details of ministering to children. From leading at the crafts table to distributing snacks to teaching, willing hands make it happen. Most of the time, they work

5 Recruiting Mistakes Kids Ministry Leaders Make

After a season of working solo, an extra pair of hands is a welcome sight but in our zeal to lighten the load, we can make recruiting mistakes. Recruiting for kids’ ministry is an ongoing process but don’t fall into

Survival Kit for Children's Ministry Volunteers

* This idea was submitted by Bethany Tapp, the director of children’s ministries at the United Christian Church of Dubai. Click here to download as PDF document. You can also download the original document from Google Docs and make your own changes.