Yes, You Can Have Too Many Volunteers!

After surviving the lean years of having little or no help, I wasn’t prepared to have too many volunteers, but it did happen. I remember the days when I couldn’t beg, cajole or convince a parent to stay and help,

Helping Volunteers Learn to Teach

All volunteers need two things: encouragement and recognition but there’s a few that want a little more. They want to learn to teach! You’ve inspired them to lead children to Jesus or they feel that God has called them specifically

Fun Ways to Thank Volunteers

I’m not great at predicting summer attendance in my children’s ministry but I still like to offer the community a few kids’ events between June and August. To pull off my wacky outdoor programs and big Sunday promotions I need

3 Ideas for a Summer Volunteer Drive

What’s the one ingredient your VBS, Kids’ Crusade and summer events all require? Volunteers! Especially during those warm months when most everyone’s mind is focused on vacation and leisure activities. Children’s ministry does not shut down when the weather gets

Spring Volunteer Recruitment Drive Ideas

Spring is approaching and you probably have a big year planned for kids’ church. As someone once said, “No man is an island,” and you cannot achieve those plans all by yourself. For many kids’ ministries, this means finding fresh

Do You Make These Mistakes With Your Volunteers?

Volunteers are essential in every children’s ministry, but too many  get discouraged and eventually quit because leaders make the following mistakes. We simply can’t be careless with the people resources God has sent our way. Work to avoid these mistakes and