Potlucks: The Meeting Idea Volunteers Will Love

That’s right, I said potlucks are a great ministry resource. Some churches call this a pitch-in dinner or covered dish supper.   Whatever the name, this could be the key to your next children’s ministry training. I am at a smaller campus of

Helping Ministry Volunteers Connect

How many times have you heard a volunteer say that they want to quit serving because they feel disconnected from other adults?  I know I’ve heard it more times than I can count.  This is a legitimate need and most

Volunteer Recruitment: Why "Easy" Is the Wrong Motivation

Recently, I was talking with someone about volunteer recruitment in kids ministry.  A well-meaning conversant suggested we should publicize the fact that volunteering in children’s ministry is “easy.” I totally understand the heart and sentiment behind the suggestion – that

Helping Volunteers Become True Ministry Partners

We all have them.  Volunteers who agree to help, but only do the minimum. They arrive for their assignments with seconds to spare and leave right when it’s done.  Of course we desire for them to be more committed than

5 Reasons Ministry Volunteers Quit

Volunteers are needed! How many times have we seen this sign or posted it ourselves? Too many! We lose good volunteers and sadly ministry helpers do come and go. Sometimes the volunteers quit for reasons we could have prevented. While that