How Do You Expel A Child From Church?

church Sunday school discipline childrenWhen God called me to serve in children’s ministry I never imagined some of the situations I would face. Over the years I’ve learned that kids bring a lot of baggage with them to church. The biggest danger for sexual abuse on church property is often one child molesting another. The danger for cruelty and emotional abuse is often a group of children bullying one of their own. We have not faced those issues, but we try to protect the children in our church. If your church is committed to reaching the un-reached you can be sure they will bring their mess with them.

Our Children's Ministry Volunteers Donated $42,900 In Time This Year!

tower.jpgHow much are your Children’s Ministry volunteers worth?
Of course, they are beyond value. But, what if you could calculate the weekly budget needed to hire replacements? Here is a group exercise I developed for a College level Children’s Ministry class. I was the guest teacher on the topic of volunteers. I wanted to communicate to the students (current and future Children’s ministers) how essential volunteers are to every ministry. It was a training session designed to inform and motivate the learners. The students all seemed to get my point – volunteers are the ministry.
This could be a great tool to get a handle on how much responsibility you have when working with volunteers. You could use it to show the finance people that most of your resources are people – so a few hundred more dollars is a small request!

Veggie Tales: Wonderful Wizard Of Ha's

Veggie Tales: The Wonderful Wizard Of Ha’sOn October 6th, the latest Veggie Tales DVD will be released. The title is “The Wonderful Wizard Of Ha’s” and retells the story of the Prodigal Son with a wizard of Oz theme. Here is the blurb:
The story of a prodigal son – VeggieTales style!
Meet Darby (Junior Asparagus), the son of a Kansas floss farmer who, more than anything else in the world, just wants to have fun. When he learns about the Wonderful Land Of Ha’s– an amusement park with all the fixin’s – and its mysterious Wizard who promises to make his dreams come true, Darby is determined to go. But when his father tells him he’s needed to help with the harvest, Darby decides that nothing is going to stop him and he makes a choice that will change his life forever.

10 Reasons Why I Love Upward Soccer

I’ll be honest with you Tony. I didn’t think this would work.
That’s what one deacon said to me last fall. I had just stepped leaped outside the box. This same deacon is now one of my leading volunteers. In fact, he ended up coaching his grandson’s soccer team! But he wasn’t the only one with questions.
Q: So, are your going to have a soccer team? Who will they play against?
A: No, we’re going to have 12 soccer teams. And they will all play each other on our new Soccer fields.
Q: Wow . . . but where will you get enough kids?

How To Write A Children's Church Lesson From Scratch

You’ve been asked to teach children’s church this Sunday – without curriculum. Here is the 9 step process I use every week to write lessons for children’s church. If this article is helpful please leave a comment to let me know. This article is a work in progress and I would love to hear your ideas.

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