Missionary Stories For Kids

Teaching children about missions is important. Tonight I found several great websites that offer missions education for children. These were links I found on the Kids page from Wycliffe Bible translators. Just for fun, I asked my 8 year old

My Trip To The Creation Museum

Today, I took my 7 year old son along with the “Senior Saints” from our church to visit the Creation Museum in Covington, Kentucky (Near Cincinnati). The drive is only an hour from our church and we’re doing the Answers

When A Child Writes A Letter To God

Dear God Children’s Letters To GodMy friend and fellow Children’s Minister Glen Woods has written a touching article titled When A Child Writes To God. He reminds us of the joy and faith that are so wonderful in a child’s faith. He tells the story of a recent learning activity when he asked the children in his church to

Big Picture Story Bible

One of my favorite story Bibles is written by David Helm and titled The Big Picture Story Bible. You can check it out and read a review at the Discerning Reader. Here is a quote from their review: David Helm