“Exodus” Lesson from the BIBLE Curriculum

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God rescues! God saves! These are powerful themes kids need to learn by heart. Download the free sample lesson on the book of EXODUS from the top rated BIBLE Curriculum by Bethany Darwin.

What churches are saying about the BIBLE Curriculum by Bethany Darwin

Here are a few reviews from teachers using this curriculum in their children’s ministry. See more when you visit the Sunday School Store.

Powerful Lessons

Greg on May 19, 2020

I had the blessing of teaching through these lessons as Bethany created them each week . They point the children to Christ and also are fun and engaging. The activities help to reinforce the lessons. Also, I liked how the lessons are laid out by focusing on each book of the Bible so that the children can be taught the entire bible. I highly recommend these lessons.

Great Christ centered and fun material for kids

Julia on May 12, 2020

We have used Bethany’s curriculum for years. Everything she writes points kids to Christ and the gospel. Her activities are great for kids…. They are hands on in a way for kids to remember. In this curriculum we see how every book points to Jesus. Every activity is in there for a reason and not just entertainment. My kids have learned so much. We especially like how this one systematically works with kids through books of the bible. We have used this for our weekly Sunday school class for kids 5-11y before the service.

Back to Basics – Kids Need the Bible More than Ever

Tony Kummer on May 10, 2020

I love this new unit from Bethany and can’t wait to see how it will impact kids.

If we want kids to know Jesus, then we need them to know His Bible. That’s what this curriculum is all about – walking children book-by-book through God’s Word so they can discover Jesus!

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