Free Mother’s Day Coloring Pages

Download and print off these coloring sheets to use with your children around Mother’s Day. They were created by Mandy Groce, an artist from Louisville, KY. Over the coming months you will see a lot more from her. You can leave a comment below to encourage Mandy for her work.

Directions: Click on the image to the right to download this resource as a printer friendly PDF file. Alternately, you can download the image as a jpeg image file (496K) if you want to resize or paste it into a Word Document.

The first coloring page features a mother and her son along with the prayer, “God, I am thankful for Mommy!” The scene is framed by a large heart shape. This is subtle religious message will allow you to teach kids about God’s high valuation of Christian motherhood.

Alternate Versions

  • With Diversity” Mother’s Day illustration for readers who needed more racial diversity. Many readers were asking for this resource and we hope you enjoy it in your ministry.
  • Happy Mother’s Day” is another sheet, but this one is OK for public schools. Many of our teachers needed something new without the prayer.
  • We’ve created versions of this coloring page that use the word “mummy” instead of “mother.” Here are those links for the boy version and the girl version.
  • In a hurry? Download all 4 with this one PDF file.

Mother's Day Coloring PageBonus Version: Mandy has also prepared another version of this coloring page that includes a daughter and her mom. To download as a printer friendly PDF file simply click on the image to the right. If you prefer, you can download the image as a jpeg image file (525K) to work into your own projects.

Mother’s Day is a holiday that honors moms. The date varies in different countries, but in the United States is held on the second Sunday in May. Some Christians recoil at the commercialization of the celebration, but most church make a point to honor moms. My church usually plans a Baby Dedication ceremony for that same Sunday.

On our website, you can find free materials for Mother’s Day. These includes songs, crafts, and Sunday School lessons. The kids in your Sunday School class will enjoy this Mother’s Day coloring picture. Otherwise, this Mother’s Day coloring sheet would also work well in children’s church as a follow-up to a Bible lesson about Mother’s Day.


  1. James says

    Fantastic! One and only downside for me is that in Australia we spell ‘mummy’ with a ‘u’ but i think we’ll be okay ;) blessings from down under!

  2. Gail Davis says

    Nice. Also teach African American children and multiracial children. And girls! Nice to have pictures with moms and daughters.

  3. Candace says

    Thank you Mandy. I really enjoy your ideas and worksheets. They are truly a blessing. May God continue to bless you and grant you more creativity to be a blessing to the body of Christ.



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