Creation Bible Lessons for Kids

This page contains links to all our lesson plans, learning activities, and coloring pages related to God’s work of creation. “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth.” Genesis 1:1

Bible Lessons on Creation

Elementary EditionsCreation Day #1 |  Creation Day #2Creation Day #3Creation Day #4Creation Day #5Creation Day #6 & 7Creation Review Lesson

Preschool EditionsCreation Day #1 |  Creation Day #2Creation Day #3Creation Day #4Creation Day #5Creation Day #6 & 7Creation Review Lesson | Preschool Creation Story Video | Teaching Preschoolers about Creation

Toddler Lessons: God Made Everything!

Media: Video Bible story of Creation

Related Resources: Creation Story Book, songs about Creation, 7 days of creation song,  Genesis 1:1 coloring page and Creation Craft idea, Printable Creation Coloring Pages | Days of Creation Coloring Book

Coloring Pages about Creation

Print or Download the "Let there be light" coloring page
Let There Be Light
God Made the Sky and Sea Coloring Sheet
God Made Sky & Sea
God Created the Land Coloring Sheet
God Made Land
Let the Land Produce
God Made Sun, Moon, Stars
God Made Animals, Fish, Birds
Adam and Eve Coloring Page
Adam and Eve Coloring Page
God Rested, It Was Very Good


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