Creation Bible Lessons for Kids

This page contains links to all our lesson plans, learning activities, and coloring pages related to God’s work of creation. “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth.” Genesis 1:1

Bible Lessons on Creation

Elementary EditionsCreation Day #1 |  Creation Day #2Creation Day #3Creation Day #4Creation Day #5Creation Day #6 & 7Creation Review Lesson

Preschool EditionsCreation Day #1 |  Creation Day #2Creation Day #3Creation Day #4Creation Day #5Creation Day #6 & 7Creation Review Lesson | Preschool Creation Story Video | Teaching Preschoolers about Creation

Toddler Lessons: God Made Everything!

Media: Video Bible story of Creation

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Coloring Pages about Creation

Print or Download the "Let there be light" coloring page
Let There Be Light
God Made the Sky and Sea Coloring Sheet
God Made Sky & Sea
God Created the Land Coloring Sheet
God Made Land
Let the Land Produce
God Made Sun, Moon, Stars
God Made Animals, Fish, Birds
Adam and Eve Coloring Page
Adam and Eve Coloring Page
God Rested, It Was Very Good


  1. Elena Santin says

    I just wanted to send my gratitude for the commitment that you have to establish this resourceful website. I am an acting Sunday school teacher, ever since I started the position I have been using the lessons that you have here. The children enjoy the activities and lessons are laid out very easy so they are very receptive of the words of God. Again thank you so much for your work and may God continue to pour out His abundant blessing in your life and your love ones.

    Elena S.

  2. Vicki Lamb says

    I teach 3 years old through kindergarten in Sunday School. I used this lesson material for the 1st 7 weeks of our new church year. The kids loved it. The lessons were exactly on their level, the crafts were wonderful, they loved the coloring sheets & their favorite part was the songs. We did the Creation song adding a verse each week & implementing hand motions for the songs & memory verse. I have all boys in my class & this material kept them busy the entire class hour. We divided our time into 15 minute increments. We started with prayer & lesson. Then we followed up with a craft. The next activity was song & memory verse using hand motions. The final 15 minutes we spent coloring, reviewing & a short couple minutes for clean up.
    Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful lessons. I’m so excited to begin our next study using more of your material.

  3. Eva says

    Thank you so much , It is easy to use and the children enjoys . May God bless you richly !!!!

  4. says

    The Teen Girls ,at our congregation, are using a few of the lesson to teach to children whose Mother’s are in the Serenity house here. Serenity House is a local home for battered women. Thank you all for the inspration!!!

  5. says

    Thank you Angie for the song… I was inspired by it & tweaked it into this:

    Creation song
    (tune of This Old Man)

    On day one God made light
    He separated day from night
    God spoke the words and it came true
    What did God make on day two?

    On day two God made the sky
    Parted the waters below from high
    God spoke the words and it came to be
    What did happen on day three?

    On day three God made land
    He made herbs and plants grow in the sand
    God spoke and the fruits grew on trees
    God later said we can eat all these

    On day four God made the sun
    Placed stars in the heavens one by one
    God spoke and the moon shimmered light
    So we could see better at night

    On day five God made birds
    Fish were made by His spoken words
    God spoke the words and they came alive
    That’s what happened on day five

    On day six God breathed life
    First into Adam and then Adam’s wife
    God spoke land animals into being
    Six days and God finished creating

    On day seven God chose to rest
    The world was now at its very best
    God looked at Earth with satisfaction
    Seven days of God’s creative action

  6. says

    Thank you for your work and generosity on this site. I am a missionary in the Philippines, and this has become a great blessing as we minister to children here. May the Lord bless you the more.

  7. Sis. Sippy says

    What a bright young lady, hope you continue to inspire teachers, and young children to help them learn the word of God through song writing. God made you to come up with the right tune and you made it seem so easy, may He continue to bless your gift, in Jesus Name, Amen

  8. Cheryl says

    You all are so creative and have assisted me in many subject lesson plans and activities. I appreciate your time and efforts and your willingness to share. Thank you so much!

  9. Angie says

    Creation Song

    (Tune: This Old Man)

    On day one God Made Light
    Made the difference in day and night
    God just spoke the words and it came true
    Wonder what else God will do?

    On day two Split in two
    Skies above the water blue
    God just spoke the words and it came to be
    What will happen on day three?

    On day three God made land
    Then he put plants in the sand
    God made herbs and grass and fruit on the tree
    This was all done on day three

    On day four God made lights
    Some for days and some for nights
    Stars are dim, but the sun and the moon are bright
    Aren’t you glad that God made lights?

    On day five God made alive
    Fish for the waters and birds for the skies
    All the things that swim and birds to fly
    These were made on day five.

    On day six God did fix
    Animals, mankind and even ticks
    God made lizards, cats, and other things that lick
    Animals were created on day six

    On day seven, God in heaven
    Rested from all the work he’d done
    He’d made the earth, the stars, the moon and sun
    It was good what God had done.

  10. says

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING!! I’ve also started a kids worship hour at our inner-city church, and this site is making it so easy for me and our volunteers. We love teaching the babies about our Creator and our Savior!

  11. Marlene says

    My sunday school really loved these days of creation,Thank you team,

  12. Joan says

    Thank you very much for those wonderful lessons :) it will be my first time in handling Children Ministry. Such a great help :) May God bless you..

  13. Robbie says

    I will be working with the ministry of children at my local church and I thank you for all the outstanding golden words of wisdom and accuracy!

    Thank you,

  14. Belinda says

    I just started the working with the children’s church ministry at my church and this website has been very helpful. Thank you Ministry-To-children for sharing all these wonderful activities, ideas and information.

  15. faye Tooker says

    we have been using the Creation pages in our Sunday school. thank you very much to all for such excellent work and the availability of having it to use. I personally have been using your site for many of the lessons i prepare for a while now. find them to be just what i want

  16. Ruth says

    I used the creation lessons in jr. church class. The children colored the pages and we made a booklet with them, placing all the coloring sheets between two pieces of construction paper and stapling the long edge. Love this website!

  17. Jenny Jane says

    Thanks so much for creating this site. It is a big help to our kids’ ministry especially when we’re just starting to organize a system. More blessings and power to those involve!


  18. miracle says

    I love this website I thank God for having the people to be loyal to this and keeping it updated with tons of stuff to choose from its like going shopping online expect you dont have to pay. I count it a blessing that this website is up and running because for the kids growing up in the ministry. They need all the right teaching and guidance they can get. I love teaching children and being apart of their lives. This website surly does an awesome job with things to use to teach the children. I love it!!!! I love it!!!! I love it!!!!

  19. Terri says

    On “Creation, Day 3″, we did a craft combined with snack time. I made the recipe for “Dirt Cake” and divided the pudding mixture into 2 parts and died one of the puddings green and the other blue. In a small clear plastic cup we first put blue pudding for the water, then the crushed Oreo’s for the land, dabbed a bit of gree for bushes and sprinkeled these with flower shaped sprinkles, and took stick pretzels stuck into marshmellows then dipped that into green pudding for trees. The kids had a blast!
    You can find the dirt cake recipe on
    Thanks so much for the awesome lesson plans!!

  20. lindiwe says

    As I was browsing i find so fascinating to see all of this coloring pages, and if I can get more lessons and teaching method for my Sunday school.

  21. Stephanie says

    Is there a B&W template/printable for each day for the felt creation story?

    I love this site and the accuracy!


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