"God Made Everything" Lesson for Toddlers

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God Made Everything!
This lesson plan begins a study called Toddlers Knowing God. Our aim is to help younger children begin to understand the nature and power of God. The target age group is 18-24 months, but you could modify these outlines to fit your teaching setting. “God made me special!”
We would love to hear your feedback in the comment section below. Feel free to share how you personalized these lessons for your ministry and any new ideas to help other readers.

Bible Passage: Genesis 1
Bible Lesson Title: God made everything! God made you!
Target Age Group: Toddlers, age 18-24 months
Original Teaching Context: Toddler Sunday School or Nursery
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You Can Help: We love to read your ideas to make the lesson plan better. Click here leave a comment.

Supplies: Bible. See additional activities for other supplies and preparation. You can also download any of our free coloring pages about creation to accompany this lesson plan.
With toddlers, you want to keep your lesson simple. If your class is able, get them to sit together on floor in front of you. Hold up your Bible.
SAY: The Bible is God’s Word.  The Bible tells us that God made everything! He spoke and all things were made! God made everything! God made you! (Repeat three times.)
The following activities are designed to reinforce the simple Scripture truth, encourage their development, and engage their imaginations and creativity. Choose the ones that will work best for your classroom.

Learning Activities:

God Made You

SAY and DO: God made everything! God made you!

God made your eyes. Where are your eyes?

God made your nose. Where is your nose?

God made your mouth. Where is your mouth?

God made your tongue. Where is your tongue?

God made your ears. Where are your ears?

God made your hair. Where is your hair?

(Continue as long as they are interested-hands, fingers, feet, toes, belly, knees, etc.)

God made everything! God made you!

God Made our Families

SUPPLIES: Pictures of families (this would work great with actual pictures of your toddlers families if available. Instead of just saying “God made mommies”, you would say “God made _______’s mommy.”)

DO: Hold up picture of a family.

SAY: God made everything! God made our families.

DO: Point to each person in the family and describe them: This is a mommy. God made mommies! This is a daddy. God made daddies! This is a brother. God made brothers! This is a sister. God made sisters! This is a baby. God made babies! God made everything! God made our families.

God Made Our Hands; God Made Texture

SUPPLIES: Items with texture-cotton balls, bark, shells, silky fabric, fuzzy blanket, etc. Place the items in two or three bins for your toddlers to explore.

DO: Encourage the children to explore the bins of these various items.

SAY: God made everything! God made our hands to feel. What do you feel?

DO: Pick up each item and help them describe it. Example: This is a cotton ball. God made your hands to feel! How does the cotton ball feel in your hands? (soft, fluffy) God made things soft! Repeat with each item.

God Made Colors

SUPPLIES: Big pitcher or soda bottle filled ¾ with water-pour a layer of vegetable oil on top (1 to 2 inches), food coloring.

SAY: God made everything! God made colors! Watch what we can do with color!

Do: Drop a couple of drops of each color into the pitcher in this order: yellow, red, green, blue. Do not drop green or blue until after red and yellow have begun to drop through the oil or they will drop too quickly and cloud up the water.

SAY: Wow! Colors are beautiful! God made colors! God made everything!

Scavenger Hunt

SUPPLIES: The outdoors! Or, you can gather the following items and put them around your classroom for the toddlers to find: leaves, twigs, flowers, bark, rocks, grass.

SAY: God made everything! God made flowers, trees, leaves, and rocks! We are going to take a trip outside to discover the wonderful things God has made!

DO: Take the toddlers to your outdoor play area and search for different things God has made. When a toddler finds something, say: You found a ______! God made _____! God made everything!

God Made the Animals

SUPPLIES: Toy animals or pictures of different animals the toddlers can imitate.

SAY: God made everything! God made the animals! Here is a _____. God made _____s! Can we pretend to be ______s? (Walk around the room like the animal, making the animal sounds. Then move on to the next animal.)

God Made Fruits and Vegetables

SUPPLIES: Various fruits and veggies, you will want some they will be able to have for a snack (like orange slices) so make sure you do an allergy alert.

SAY: God made everything that grows out of the ground or in a tree! God made fruits and vegetables!

DO: Hold up the fruit and veggies one at a time. See if they know what you are holding and then describe it. Example: What is this fruit? (an apple!) What color is the apple? (The apple is red!) The apple is smooth and round. Would you like to feel the apple? (Let each toddler touch the apple.) God made apples!

SAY: God made fruits and veggies for us to eat! They are delicious. We are going to have a snack now and eat ______________. Thank you God for making ____________ for us to eat!

Praise God through Song


SAY: God made everything! God made music! God is so good! We can worship Him through singing and dancing. Let’s sing and dance for Him together now!

DO: Sing and dance together to their favorite praise songs.

Pray to God

Hold hands or bow your heads together (just demonstrate and ask them to do the same. Some may, most may just watch.) Say a short prayer like the following: Dear God, you made everything! You made me! We love you! Thank you for loving us. Amen.

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  1. Just to let you know, we are missionaries to Guatemala with YWAM and we used your toddlers section with a ministry we have for little kids and it was amazing, the kids got the message. It is quite difficult to find materials or even create it for ages 2-4. We don’t have much resources to spend, so we use our creativity and internet. Thank you so much for all your resources.

  2. Did this today with my 0-3yr class as a follow-up to last week’s creation lesson and it was perfect. Simple, interesting, engaging, and perfect for their ages. They were especially captivated by the color, animal, and outdoor portions. Also, I am working with a bilingual group (most English/Arabic, one Spanish/English), and the lesson was understandable even in the unfamiliar vocabulary areas for some.

  3. Wow God is soo great and amazing He knew i needed this website for my homeschool kids and here i am, God never stops amazing me! Thank you all, may God cont to use you all!!?

  4. Great materials! I just started using these for “sunday school at home” with my toddlers since we’ve been locked away due to covid. Thank you so much!!

  5. HI!
    I have just downloaded the “God Made Everything” Lesson for Toddlers. I am excited to use it with my grandkids.
    I have a question…
    Are the children’s lessons you send every week with the subscription aimed at toddlers too? Or are they a variety of ages? I’m hoping to continue the lessons aimed at 18-24 month olds. Thank you for your reply!


  6. Sometimes – we mostly feature our latest lessons, crafts, and kids sermons. But if I have a toddler lesson on that passage I’ll include it too.

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