Preschool Bible Lessons for Sunday School

Find your next preschool or toddler Sunday School lesson right here. Our curriculum is easy to print and 100% free to teach in your church. Search now.

Featured Preschool Lessons

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Preschool Sunday School Curriculum

Toddlers Knowing God – 8 week curriculum on the character of God

Preschool Lesson about Jesus

Knowing Jesus – 31 week curriculum from Mark’s Gospel

Preschoolers Knowing God – 6 lessons from Isiah


More Bible Lessons for Preschoolers

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Are you looking for a Bible lesson to teach to a class of preschoolers? This page lists all the best places to find preschool Bible lessons online. Many of these are idea for preschool Sunday school lessons. Like all our content, these are 100% free to use in  your church, home, or school. Don’t forget our search page is the easiest way to find exactly what you need for your lesson planning.

Preschool Bible Lessons

Toddlers Knowing God


Jesus is my good shepherd
Jesus is My Shepherd


Preschool Bible Lessons
Preschoolers Knowing God


Preschoolers Knowing Jesus
Preschoolers Knowing Jesus


Days of Creation
Creation Lessons


David & Goliath


Ruth & Naomi Lesson


Samson Lessons


Gideon Lessons

The Birth of Jesus: This is a three part series that tells the story of Christ’s birth for preschool aged children. #1 The Stable | #2 The Shepherds | #3 The Wise Men | Christmas Storybook for Preschoolers | Christmas Songs | More Christmas Ideas | Christmas Bible Story for Preschoolers “The Angels Telling the Good News”

Bible Lessons from Genesis: This is a series we are currently writing. #1 The First Sin | #2 God Saves Noah | #3 God gives Abraham & Sarah a baby | #4 Jacob and Esau’s Choices | #5 Joseph and His Colorful Coat |#6 God’s People Build a Tabernacle |  Preschool Songs about Families |  #7 Moses sends 12 Spies to the Promised Land | #8 Jericho’s Wall and Joshua’s God |

More Preschool Lessons Ideas

See photo examples of “Godly Play” learning stations. Each also has a description of the toys used.

Browse our growing collection preschool coloring pages.

Palm Sunday Lesson for Preschoolers – includes songs and printable storybook

God is Love (Preschool Lesson Plan) – This lesson could be helpful near Valentine’s day or anytime you want to remind younger children that God is love. This lesson also includes an art idea.

Preschool Bible Lessons from Hubbard’s Cupboard: This is a site that offers free preschool bible lessons. They are broken down into age group and offer special lessons for Easter & Christmas season. What’s even better – these are printable preschool bible lessons. So, you can download them as PDF files to print off for your ministry.

Songs for Preschool Sunday School

30 Bible memory songs for preschoolers

Easter Songs for Preschool Children – watch video demonstrations

Video “My God Is So BIG” Song for Preschool Children – Toddlers and young kids will love this song about their BIG God. Watch the video demonstration and you will be ready to teach this song on Sunday.

This Little Light of Mine (Preschool Song) – Preshoolers love singing along with this classic Sunday School song based on Matthew 5:15-16. Watch the video to learn the hand motions from Cullen.

Song about Noah (Arky Arky Song) – This fun Bible song for preschoolers will help them learn the story of Noah and how God saved them from the flood.

“I’ve Got Peace Like A River” Song – This song will remind preschoolers of the blessings of knowing God, namely peace, joy, and love.

Wise Men & Baby Jesus (Preschool Finger Play Song) – This is a fun way for children to learn about the Wise Men visiting Baby Jesus. Watch the video and learn the finger play for your preschool Sunday school class.

Christmas Preschool Songs – Check out these simple and familiar songs for preschooers about Christmas.

More Resources for Preschooler Sunday School?

We also have specific resource pages with free Sunday School lessons and Kids Church lessons.

ABC Jesus Loves Me offers some great free lesson plans and tips for teaching preschoolers

Preschool Lessons from Kids Sunday School Place: This is the link to their preschool Bible lessons. This is a membership site, but many of their resources are available without joining. Look for the links without red dots – those are the free preschool Bible lessons.

Psalms in Song: Check out a new music book for children, How I Praise You! 150 Little Psalms in Song. You’ll find teaching tips and links to Psalms-related articles, sermons, websites, books, and music.

If you know of another free resources for preschool Bible lesson plans, please leave a comment below.

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  1. Hi there I am a preschool church teacher in Hamilton New Zealand and this term in my churches preschool we are teaching on the miracles of Jesus the age of the children is one to three and I am looking for suitable lessons on the two loaves and five fish and the big catch of fish ideal for the age range of the children I teach if you have any suitable ideas on those two that would be great and also we will be teaching on Jesus easing the storm if you have any suitable lessons on that please email me too thank you and God bless

  2. Hi there I am a preschool church teacher in Kenya and i we have three classes 1yr-5yr,6yr-10yrs 11yrs- 17yrs . I am looking for suitable lessons for all these classes age range of the children. Please email me too thank you and God bless


  4. Hi,I am a Sunday school teacher here in our local church here in Fiji and I would like suitable lessons for kids at the age of 1yr old to 17yrs old.I hope ur ministry will grant my wishes ,thank you

  5. Hello! I am a missionary to Nicaragua. I have been using many of the lessons on your site for both preschoolers and elementary age children. I have to translate each lesson into Spanish and plan crafts for match each them. Thank you so much for making this available to children (and teachers) around the world. You are making a difference!

  6. Hi

    Am a sunday school teacher here in Fiji and am looking after 3 to 5 year olds. This is my first time as a sunday school teacher, this week we will be focusing on family as our theme and I sincerely request if any assistance could be rendered whether it be from lesson tips or activities which should be simple and easy for the young ones to absorb.


  7. Good Morning, I’m putting together my church Sunday school and looking for Sunday school lessons for the following age groups:

    0-5yrs, 6-11yrs, 12-15yrs.

    The subjects are Easter, Pentecost, Lent, Christmas and the Parables of the Kingdom. Would you be able to help?
    Thank you.

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