Free Children's Church Curriculum

With all the children’s ministry resources on this website, the most popular has been my free childrens church curriculum. These were originally presented in my Baptist church during during kids church. Before the teaching portion, the children sing several songs and participate in Bible memory drills.

  • This message reminds students of the importance of giving Jesus the priority in our hearts. It can be easy, especially during the holidays, to get busy with preparations of various kinds. The most important thing we can prepare for is Jesus! How do we do that, and why should we? Preparing our hearts means that […]
  • During the season of Advent, we celebrate the coming of Christ. We think back to His birth in Bethlehem, but we also look forward to His Second Coming one day. This message encourages children to consider things that they might have to wait for. Great things are worth the wait, and sometimes we can increase […]
  • Crown Him Lord…on the last Sunday of the “church calendar” year, we celebrate that Jesus Christ is the King. This may not be a widely honored holiday, but is a special time to remember that Jesus rules over all things, and that we want to put God first in our lives. Jesus came to lead […]
  • Jesus did a lot of remarkable things and fulfilled many roles while on Earth. He continues to hold tremendous power and authority over all things, especially our lives. This message considers some of the titles that describe Jesus, such as Good Shepherd, bread of life, and Lamb of God. Most importantly, though, Jesus is the […]
  • There are a lot of conflicting messages we are bombarded with daily. How do we know who or what to trust? Jesus reminded His disciples that there would be a lot of hardships to face, and a lot of people who might try to deceive. We know we can rely on the Lord for ultimate […]

Children’s Bible Overview Lessons

Follow the links below to download.

  1. The Very Good Beginning (Creation Bible Lesson)
  2. A Very Sad Day (Fall Bible Lesson)
  3. Life Outside The Garden (Noah’s Flood Bible Lesson)
  4. God’s Big Promise (God’s Promise To Abraham Lesson)
  5. God’s People Grow (Story of Joseph Lesson)
  6. God’s People Become Great (Exodus Bible Lesson)
  7. God’s Great Sign (Exodus / Passover Bible Lesson)
  8. Going Into God’s Place (Joshua Bible Lesson)
  9. God’s Blessings Grow (The Kingdom of David & Solomon)
  10. God’s People Disobey (Exile Bible Lesson)
  11. more coming soon . . .

Children’s Church Lessons About Jesus

This is an older series of curriculum focused on the life of Jesus. They are free to download for your children’s ministry lessons.

I hope you will find this kids church curriculum useful in your own ministry setting. Check back often because I add more children’s Bible lessons like these nearly every week.

Need more help? Check out these free Bible craft websites and more children’s Sunday school lessons or learn how to write your own lesson plans.

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  1. Thank you so much for your empowering our small church to have an effective ministry to our 5-12 y.o. class. You have inspired or group of 4 teachers to take on the task we could otherwise not accomplished but for your refreshing leadership, writing and activity ideas! May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry to those working with the next generation kids.

  2. I am new to your lesson plans for children. I hope they will be great for our children and they will enjoy learning more about Jesus.


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