Children’s Church Curriculum 2024

Discover new Children’s Church Curriculum options for your Sunday School or Kids’ Church Ministry for all ages. The curriculum choices below are perfect for small church budgets and combined ages in their children’s ministry. Every easy-to-teach lesson plan includes coloring pages, children’s sermons, worksheets, Bible crafts, and discussion questions.

Children's Church Curriculum options for your Sunday School or Kids' Church Ministry

Top Children’s Church Curriculum for 2024

Here are the most popular children’s ministry curricula, updated June 20, 2024.

#1 –Friend Request: 4-Week Kids Ministry Curriculum

Friend Request: 4-Week Children’s Ministry Curriculum

Friend Request: 4-Week Children’s Ministry Curriculum” helps children build healthy, Christ-centered friendships in an increasingly online world. This kids’ ministry curriculum teaches young people how to choose good friends and follow Jesus’ example of true friendship.

#2 – EMOTIONS: 4-Lesson Curriculum for Children’s Ministry

EMOTIONS: 4-Lesson Curriculum for Children's Ministry

This children’s church program explores how God created feelings for our good and His glory, teaching children how to navigate both positive and negative emotions with a clear connection to the Gospel. Each lesson emphasizes that knowing Jesus is most important. Their relationship with God is the source of eternal life and help in hard times. The curriculum aims to keep the children’s attention, get them into God’s Word, and help them grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

#2 – Fruit of the Spirit: 9-Lesson Children’s Church Curriculum

Children's Church Curriculum

In this 9-lesson curriculum for children’s ministry, kids will learn how the Holy Spirit impacts their lives. Each lesson is packed with activities and ideas to help educators teach the main idea, making it easy to adapt to any teaching situation.

Target Age Group: Children 6-12 Years Old
Setting: Children’s Church or Sunday School

#3 – Love Like Jesus: 4-Lesson Children’s Church Curriculum

Love Like Jesus: 4-Lesson Children's Church Curriculum

“Love Like Jesus: 4-Lesson Children’s Ministry Curriculum” is an interactive program for kids to learn about Jesus’ love through hands-on activities and Bible stories over four weeks. It includes a 28-day challenge to encourage kids to spread love through kind actions in their daily lives.

Target Age Group: Children 6-12 Years Old
Setting: Children’s Church or Sunday School

#4 – Bible Beach Club: 4-Lesson Children’s Church Curriculum

Bible Beack Club 4-WEEK CHILDREN’S MINISTRY CURRICULUM for Kids' Summer Sunday School Lessons

“Bible Beach Club: 4-Lesson Children’s Ministry Curriculum” is now available for your summer ministry! Kids will have a blast learning about Jesus’s beachside miracles, from calming seas to miraculous catches of fish. Let’s explore the powerful works of Jesus.

Target Age Group: Children 6-12 Years Old
Setting: Children’s Church or Sunday School

#5 – Back To School: 4-Lesson Children’s Church Curriculum

Back To School: 4-Lesson Sunday School Curriculum for Children’s Ministry

As children head back to school, it’s important to remind them that God is always with them, no matter what challenges they may face. The “Back to School” curriculum is designed to help children develop a strong sense of God’s presence and support through engaging Bible stories, practical life applications, and a clear Gospel message.

Target Age Group: Children 6-12 Years Old
Setting: Children’s Church or Sunday School

#6 – Heroes of Holy Week: Children’s Church Curriculum

Children's Church Curriculum

The five children’s church lessons in ‘Heroes of Holy Week’ show the power of knowing God. Through these Bible stories, kids will see the incredible impact of a personal relationship with Jesus, ignited by His teachings and sacrifice on the cross.

Target Age Group: Children 6-12 Years Old
Setting: Children’s Church or Sunday School

Transforming Sunday School with Our Children’s Church Curriculum

Transforming Sunday School with Our Children’s Church Curriculum

Our comprehensive children’s church curriculum is designed to make Sunday school an enriching experience for kids of all ages. From preschoolers to preteens, our curriculum provides engaging content that brings the Bible to life.

Volunteers are the backbone of any successful children’s ministry. That’s why our curriculum includes easy-to-follow lesson plans that help volunteers confidently teach the gospel to young minds. Whether you’re a seasoned Sunday school teacher or a first-time volunteer, our resources will equip you to share your faith effectively.

Faith-Building Elements in Our Children’s Church Curriculum

At the heart of our curriculum is a commitment to teaching the Bible in age-appropriate ways. Each lesson is rooted in scripture, helping children develop a strong foundation in faith. From Old Testament stories to New Testament teachings, our curriculum covers the breadth of the gospel message.

We understand that modern kids respond well to multimedia experiences. That’s why our children’s church curriculum incorporates engaging videos and uplifting music. These elements work together to reinforce biblical truths and make the Sunday school experience memorable and fun.

Parental Involvement and Preteen Engagement

Our curriculum recognizes the crucial role parents play in a child’s faith journey. We provide take-home materials that encourage parents to continue the conversation about faith throughout the week. This partnership between Sunday school and home helps reinforce the gospel message in daily life.

For preteens, our curriculum offers more challenging content that addresses their growing understanding and questions about faith. We provide engaging activities and discussions that help preteens see the relevance of the Bible in their lives, preparing them for a mature faith as they grow.

Reasons to Choose Our Children’s Church Curriculum

1. Bible-centered: Every lesson is firmly grounded in scripture, ensuring children learn directly from God’s word.

2. Volunteer-friendly: Our easy-to-use materials make teaching a joy for Sunday school volunteers.

3. Engaging multimedia: Videos and music enhance the learning experience, keeping children attentive and excited.

4. Parent resources: Take-home materials help parents continue faith discussions throughout the week.

5. Age-appropriate: From young children to preteens, our curriculum meets kids where they are in their faith journey.

Experience the difference a well-designed children’s church curriculum can make. Watch as your Sunday school transforms into a vibrant place of learning, where children eagerly engage with the gospel and grow in their faith. Give your volunteers the tools they need to confidently teach the Bible and watch your children’s ministry thrive.

Children’s Church Curriculum Bundles for Kids’ Ministry

Inspire your volunteers with the kid’s ministry curriculum they will love. Bundle offers a comprehensive and affordable way to build a faith-building Sunday School curriculum and kids’ Bible lessons for your children’s ministry.

Explore our children’s church curriculum for elementary ages 6-12 years old. These engaging series are perfect for Sunday School, Children’s Church, VBS, or any children’s ministry. Our curriculum includes lessons for small and large groups, games, activities, Bible crafts, coloring pages, and parent take-home sheets.

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1) Back To School Children’s Ministry Curriculum Bundle: 

children's church curriculum for small churches

Engaging topic-based monthly themes – 2024 Back To School 52-Week Curriculum Bundle Deal

Regular price $735.00 Sale price$97

Compare Curriculum Options for Kids Church

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Empowering Sunday School with Engaging Kids Curriculum

Welcome to our comprehensive children’s church curriculum, designed to inspire and empower church leaders in their mission to engage young minds with the Bible. Our lessons are crafted to meet the diverse needs of elementary students and preteens alike, ensuring a flexible and dynamic learning experience.

Customizable Content for Every Age Group

Our curriculum packages offer a perfect blend of digital and printed resources, allowing you to customize your Sunday school sessions with ease. From interactive devotionals to creative object lessons, we provide the tools you need to make each lesson engaging and memorable.

  • Elementary-focused activities that spark curiosity
  • Preteen-oriented discussions that address growing faith challenges
  • Flexible lesson plans adaptable for small groups or larger classes

Free Resources to Enhance Your Teaching

Explore our library of free resources, including coloring pages, song recommendations, and printable worksheets. These supplementary materials are designed to complement our core curriculum and provide additional engagement options for diverse learning styles.

Empower Your Leadership Skills

We believe in equipping church leaders with the skills and strategies needed to lead effective Sunday school programs. Our curriculum includes leadership tips and teaching strategies to help you navigate the challenges of children’s ministry with confidence.

Annual Packages for Continued Growth

Choose from our range of annual curriculum packages, each designed to provide a year-long journey through the Bible. Our sessions are structured to build upon each other, fostering a strong foundation of faith and biblical knowledge.

Experience the Difference

Start your free trial today and experience how our curriculum can transform your children’s ministry. With age-appropriate content, engaging activities, and flexible delivery options, we’re here to support your mission of inspiring the next generation.

Key Features of Our Kids Curriculum:

  • Engaging lessons for both elementary and preteen age groups
  • Customizable content to fit your church’s unique needs
  • Digital and printed options for flexible implementation
  • Free resources to supplement your teaching
  • Object lessons and interactive activities for hands-on learning
  • Devotionals tailored for young minds
  • Strategies for small group discussions and large group presentations
  • Song resources to enhance worship and memorization
  • Leadership guidance for new and experienced teachers

Dive into a curriculum that not only teaches the Bible but also empowers children to live out their faith. Let’s work together to create an inspiring, challenging, and appropriate learning environment for the young members of your church.

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2) Foundations Chronological Bible Curriculum for Kids Ministry: 

chronological bible study curriculum for kids church

Comprehensive Chronological Bible curriculum FOUNDATIONS: 52-Week Chronological Bible Curriculum for Kids

Regular price$756.00 Sale price $97
Pick Bible Translation: NIV KJV ESV

Thousands of churches have chosen our curriculum bundles to help their children grow in faith and become life-long followers of Jesus. Our curriculum is designed for kids aged 6-12, affordable, easy to prepare, and centered on the Bible and the presence of God. Equip your children’s ministry with the tools needed to teach about Jesus in fun and creative ways.

Equip your children’s ministry with the tools needed to teach about Jesus in fun and creative ways. Start your free trial today and explore the world of possibilities with our children’s ministry curriculum bundles!

Learn More about our Curriculum for Kids Church

Children’s Ministry Curriculum from The Sunday School Store

Attention Keeping Kids’ Church Activities 

  • Easy to teach lesson plans
  • Discussion questions and prayer
  • Printable word search worksheets
  • Bible story coloring pages
  • Craft activities

Perfect for Children’s Ministry, Kids Church, or Sunday School

  • perfect for children aged 6 to 12 (Kindergarten to 6th grade)
  • instant digital download in one print-friendly PDF file
  • flexible teaching activities designed for elementary-aged students
  • unlimited permission to share directly with volunteers or families in your church

Kids Ministry Curriculum that’s right for your Church or Sunday School

Our children’s church curriculum is designed to engage kids of all ages. We offer a variety of lessons that cater to different learning styles and age groups. Our curriculum includes interactive activities, Bible stories, and fun crafts that reinforce important spiritual concepts. Whether you’re looking for a complete kids ministry curriculum or individual lessons, we have options to suit your church’s needs.

Choosing the right children’s ministry curriculum can make a significant impact on your church’s ability to nurture young believers.

Comparing Kids Ministry Programs

Our kids church curriculum is carefully crafted to balance fun and biblical teaching, ensuring that children are both entertained and educated.

With our comprehensive children’s curriculum, Sunday school teachers can feel confident in their ability to deliver engaging lessons week after week.

Benefits of Our Kids Ministry Curriculum

Our children’s church curriculum offers numerous benefits for both kids and ministry leaders. It provides a structured approach to teaching biblical principles, helping children develop a strong foundation in their faith. The curriculum is designed to be flexible, allowing churches to adapt it to their specific needs and schedule.

From engaging Bible stories to interactive games and crafts, our kids ministry curriculum keeps children excited about learning. It also includes resources for parent involvement, ensuring that the lessons learned in church can be reinforced at home. This comprehensive approach to children’s ministry helps create a cohesive learning experience for young believers.

Ensures the core message of Jesus’ salvation is consistently presented, which is crucial for fostering a strong faith foundation in children.

Gospel Connections for Kids:

Ensures the core message of Jesus’ salvation is consistently presented, which is crucial for fostering a strong faith foundation in children.

Children’s Ministry Curriculum

The Sunday School Store curriculum emphasizes the Gospel connection in every lesson, helping kids understand and embrace their faith. We offer competitive pricing, providing an affordable annual curriculum that’s budget-friendly for small churches.

Easy for Church Volunteers:

Simplifies teaching preparation and delivery, making it more likely for volunteers to commit and effectively engage with children. Our curriculum includes detailed lesson plans and easy-to-follow scripts, making it straightforward for any volunteer to teach confidently.

Flexible for Ages 6-12 Year Old Children:

Allows seamless integration across various age ranges, ensuring all children can participate and learn together regardless of their specific age group. We offer adaptable lessons suitable for wide age groups in combined classrooms, ensuring every child can be included and engaged.

Bible Studies for Kids:

Accommodates different Bible versions, respecting the preferences of diverse congregations and ensuring familiarity for both children and teachers. Our translation-neutral approach allows churches to use their preferred Bible versions, fostering comfort and continuity.

Support Christian Parents:

Provides resources that help parents reinforce lessons at home, creating a continuous and cohesive learning environment for children. Each lesson has take-home sheets with linked Bible story videos to continue the learning as a family, bridging the gap between church and home learning.

Affordable Curriculum Pricing for Small Churches:

Makes quality curriculum accessible to small churches with limited budgets, ensuring they can provide comprehensive religious education without financial strain. We offer competitive pricing, providing an affordable annual curriculum that’s budget-friendly for small churches.

Attention-Keeping Children’s Ministry Programs that Kids’ Love:

Utilizes engaging and relatable themes to capture children’s interest, making lessons memorable and enjoyable, thus enhancing retention. Our creative and fun themes keep children excited and engaged, making learning about faith a delightful experience.

PDF Bible Curriculum Download:

Provides instant access to all materials, making it convenient for churches to distribute and use the curriculum as needed. The Sunday School Store curriculum is available for download in PDF format, ensuring easy access and quick implementation for busy church leaders.

Works as Sunday School Curriculum or Children’s Church Lessons:

Children’s Church Curriculum You Can Trust!

There are many Christian education companies that publish and bundle elementary children’s church curricula. From LifeWay to Grow Curriculum to Childrens-Ministry-Deals to David C Cook to 252 Kids Curriculum from Think Orange. They all have their pros and cons, but none are created to meet the needs of small churches with very limited money, limited support, not interested in subscriptions, and mixed-age groups in childhood worship.

We know church leaders, volunteers, parents, and the community are watching.

They look to you as the leader of the children’s department to inspire the Gospel faith in the next generation and create an environment for biblical learning and faith formation. Our belief is that even the smallest congregation can make a big impact because our God is calling the children to Himself.

As ministry leaders, we need to help kids understand the Bible, share the love of Jesus with the kids, and leave the results to God!

Boost Your Children’s Ministry with Biblical Curriculum and Affordable Pricing is your one-stop shop for all your Sunday School and kids’ ministry needs. Our comprehensive children’s church curriculum bundles are designed to engage elementary-aged children with interactive Bible lessons, fun activities, and creative crafts. We offer both free and affordable options, making quality Christian education accessible to churches of all sizes. Whether you’re looking for a complete curriculum package or individual resources like coloring pages and skits, we have something for everyone. Our materials are easy to use and adapt, allowing you to focus on what matters most: sharing the love of Jesus with the next generation. offers a treasure trove of free resources for children’s ministry, including engaging object lessons, creative skits, interactive games, printable coloring pages, and thought-provoking discussion questions. These versatile tools can be easily incorporated into your existing curriculum or used as stand-alone activities for Sunday School, children’s church, or mid-week programs. With a focus on biblical principles and age-appropriate content, our resources are designed to spark curiosity, foster faith, and make learning about God’s love an enjoyable experience for every child.