15 Kids Worship Songs (with Video)

Jesus answered, “Yes. Haven’t you read in the Scriptures, ‘You have taught children and babies to sing praises’?

Matthew 21:16b ICB
Christian Songs for Children’s Church or Sunday School

Our Favorite Children’s Worship Songs for 2019

  1. I Love You Lord by Yancy
  2. How Great is Our God by Yancy
  3. Praise the Lord Everyday by Yancy
  4. The Word of God from Seeds Family Worship
  5. Sing for Joy from Seeds Family Worship
  6. Cast Your Cares from Seeds Family Worship
  7. Boss of Me by Crossroads Kids Club
  8. Dance Laugh Love by Crossroads Kids Club
  9. Lord We Lift Your Name on High by Crossroads Kids Club
  10. We Will Not Be Silent by Crossroads Kids Club
  11. He Leadeth Me by Go Fish Guys
  12. Bless the Lord by God’s Kids Music
  13. Mighty To Save by God’s Kids Music
  14. Ask Seek Knock by Hillsong Kids
  15. I Give You My Hallelujah by Hillsong Kids

Here are some ideas for adding worship music to your children’s ministry activities. These can be used in children’s church before the lesson plan or along with a midweek program. If you have extra time in Sunday School, I recommend adding a few worship songs.

Free Worship Music Videos for Kids

The following are some videos on YouTube that can be used to lead the worship time in your children’s ministry. This is an easy way to lead worship if you have a multimedia projector and a computer connected to the Internet.

Sing Along Worship Songs

Often you can take a familiar tune and turn it into a Sunday School song. Here are some examples we’ve posted on the website.

Kids Worship CDs

Here are a few music albums I have used in our children’ ministry. Feel free to share you recommendation in the comment box below.

17 thoughts on “15 Kids Worship Songs (with Video)”

  1. We love all the songs by Jana Alyara. Her songs are perfect for children because they are repetitious but they are also fun to to sing for adults.

  2. We are looking to use some music videos for a worship section in our own YouTube kids service during lockdown. Are we able to use some of your songs? They are so good!

  3. Hi Brenda – the videos on YouTube are not mine but can be shared anywhere that YouTube can be played.

  4. I am putting together Sunday school lessons for families in “stay at home” mode. I really would like to add the link to the songs here. Do I have permission to do this and is there copyright information I need on them.

  5. Yes that is a great idea – if parents are connected to the internet and watching directly from their own computer there is no copyright concerns.

  6. Hi!!!
    I love all of your song videos!! its amazing what you have done!

    I have a youtube channel for kids that I tell stories and would love to use the songs/videos with my channel. Is this something I can have permission to use?

    thank you

  7. Hi, I really do appreciate this site for recommending great children ministry songs that truly shows the Glory of God. I only have one thing to ask, is it fine for us to use this songs for online ministry purposes? Will it be against the copyright of the owner of the songs?

  8. Playing from a YouTube channel (not downloading) will typically require permission from the artist. Many Christian ministries grant that permission somewhere on their websites. If this is a concern, it may take a little research to make sure you are in the clear on fair use.

  9. I would like to download these songs onto my computer so that my babies are able to watch, please help me.

  10. There are all listed on YouTube, but some of the artists do offer download on their respective websites.

  11. Creative Trio has an amazing praise and worship music videos from 3 siblings that love singing for God. The video is just so beautiful and great productions and passionate kids. They are currently releasing lots of Hymns that has been modernise. Hope this can be useful and helpful for you all too. Their Youtube channel name is Creative Trio.

  12. I’m trying to remember a children’s song- some of the words in it were. “Where to go, what to say, what to do “

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