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This week, the featured Sunday School lesson is from Mark 5:21-43 when Jesus brings a young girl back to life. Don’t miss the craft ideas and children’s sermon about this Bible story.

For our USA churches, you may enjoy this Freedom from Sin lesson plan designed for the 4th of July holiday. You can find more ideas on this topic at Sunday School Works.

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For even more teaching resources, visit our new Sunday School Works website. We take our latest free lessons each week and combine them in a print-friendly PDF download. This makes preparing your kids for Sunday School lessons or teaching in children’s church easy. See the latest Sunday School lessons for 9-12 year olds.

New Sunday School Curriculum for Elementary Ages Children

New Sunday School Curriculum from the Sunday School Store

Free Printable Sunday School Lessons & Curriculum for Children (PDF)

Sunday School is a long-standing tradition that helps children learn about the Bible and Jesus Christ. Many Sunday School teachers are searching for high-quality lessons to teach their students. That’s why we have created this page. Here, you will discover free Sunday School lessons and more! Our first section contains individual “stand-alone” lessons that can be taught in one week. The second section lists our multi-week curriculum units. Finally, our Sunday School Store offers kids the finest quality Sunday School lessons. We hope you find this page helpful!

Sunday School Lessons on the 10 Commandments

This new Bible curriculum offers a variety of engaging activities, such as coloring pages, games, and craft ideas for each lesson. The curriculum aims to help kids comprehend the truth of God’s law, their inability to obey it, and the free salvation that Jesus offers through his sacrificial death on the cross. Children will learn about God’s glory in the Old Testament through God’s many miracles, such as parting the Jordan River. Moreover, the 10 Commandments guide young people to life, leading them to recognize their need for God’s grace and salvation through Jesus Christ.

Gods Rules Ten Commandments for Kids Lesson Study - Sunday School Lessons on the 10 Commandments

Sunday School Lessons for Kids: What is God Like?

A 42-unit Bible study based on the Attributes of God is designed for children to help them grow in their Christian faith and understand God’s love. As a person in charge of children’s ministry, deciding what truth to teach the children under your care is important. In my years as a children’s ministry director, I found it to be a significant task. I wanted the children in our church to know many things, but ultimately, it boiled down to three simple questions: Who is God? Who is man? What did Jesus do? I started creating our children’s materials with these spiritual guidelines in mind. Children can only understand God’s promise of salvation through Jesus Christ by knowing their Heavenly Father.

42 week Sunday school curriculum on the attributes of God - What is God Like

Praise God through the Psalms Bible Studies (32 Lessons for Kids)

The Sunday School Lesson offers a 32-week curriculum for elementary school children to learn and experience the character of God through the book of Psalms. Through this program, children will understand the importance of spiritual worship and why God deserves praise. The curriculum includes powerful lessons on various topics, including God’s work, obeying God, God’s power, and even hints about Jesus’ crucifixion in the Old Testament.

32 lessons from the Psalms about praising God

Sunday School Lessons: The Walk for Children “Following Jesus” Curriculum for Ages 9-12 Years Old

This is an announcement about a 4-week practical training program for kids. The program is based on the “Following Jesus Curriculum Series” designed for elementary Sunday School. It aims to help children follow Jesus and experience his power in their daily lives. The curriculum provides a guide for healthy growth and spiritual development for children and is available for purchase from our ministry partner, The Sunday School Store. Each lesson is short and can be accommodated within any time constraints in your children’s church or Sunday school.

Kids Sunday School Lessons on following Jesus

Sunday School Lessons: How To Win Against Sin

A 9-week curriculum has been designed to train kids in the Armor of God. The curriculum, titled “The Armor of God Bible Study Series for Sunday School,” is a great way to teach children about this important passage from the Bible. It is a visual lesson with real-world applications that kids can relate to. The 9-lesson unit covers Ephesians 6:10-20 and is called “How to Win Against Sin.” The reason behind this title is that our real battle is against sin, and with Jesus, we can win.

Armor of God curriculum for kids Sunday School

The Lord’s Prayer Curriculum (10 Lessons for Kids)

Our 10-part study is designed for Sunday School and is based on the Jesus’ model prayer in Matthew 6:9-13, also known as the Lord’s Prayer. It is a great way to teach kids the foundation of spiritual habits of prayer. Many churches have kids memorize and recite this passage. Our curriculum and printables will reinforce that process while helping kids understand the meaning of each petition in Jesus’ model prayer.

Sunday School curriculum on the Lord
s prayer

Storytime with Jesus 9 Lessons for Sunday School Children.

“The Parables of Jesus Curriculum for Children’s Bible Class” is a 9-unit Bible lesson based on Jesus’s teachings. This curriculum is designed to teach kids through storytelling, just like the first disciples learned from Jesus. The parables of Jesus are perfect for Sunday School and Junior Church. This 9-lesson study is available for free download and teaching. While every verse of the Bible is important, the words of Jesus hold spiritual power for all disciples to obey. These lessons are completely free and can be taught to your kids right away.

Parables of Jesus lesson plans

If you are a Sunday School teacher and have a specific theme or Bible story in mind, then you can use our search tool to find the right teacher guides, lesson activities, curriculum, and crafts for your class. We publish Sunday’s lessons from the International Sunday School Lesson – Uniform Series. Besides, you can also find Bible studies that are based on the Gospel reading in the Revised Common Lectionary.

Free Vacation Bible School Curriculum

Download seven free VBS curriculum programs for your Children’s Ministry or Sunday School. Some of the themes include Bible Boot Camp (armor of God), Big Heart Farms (fruit of the Spirit), Running for the Prize (1 Corinthians 9:24-25), Minecraft (armor of God), Outlaws for God (western theme), Super Fruit (fruit of the Spirit), and A Week With Jesus.

Free Sunday School Lessons for Kids

It has been noted that the available units for Sunday School may require updating. Therefore, teachers should be aware that they may need more time to prepare for classes. Sunday School is a fun way to learn about the Bible and Jesus Christ. These classes are usually held on non-working days, so come and join us to learn more about the Bible.

Life of Jesus Bible Study for Children

10 lessons for kids to discover how Jesus ministers to the people and offers salvation to all. From Nazareth to the Sea of Galilee to Jerusalem, see how the life of Jesus was God’s plan to bring the Gospel to the world.

Fruit of the Spirit Lessons for Children

9 lesson studies for kids to discover the spiritual fruits

Days of Creation – Sunday School Lessons

Children’s Bible studies on the truth about the beginning of the world.

Kings of Israel Bible Studies for Children

28 Sunday School lessons on the history of King David and an account of the struggle of the Hebrews to obey God’s covenant.

Book of Acts Lessons for Sunday School

34 Bible studies for children examine the history of the disciples & early Church leaders. Discover how the Holy Spirit was working in the Body of Christ in the creation of the Church.

Toddlers Knowing God Sunday School Lessons

8 lessons for training the nursery in the basics of God’s character to strengthen their faith.

Book of James Bible Studies for Children

5 studies lessons on this practical New Testament book

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